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Dec 3, 2007 05:00 AM

UWS advice...

My husband and I will be making a trip down to NYC this weekend and need some advice on where to stick our forks. We will be staying in the area of 95th and Broadway, in an area of the city we are not familiar with at all. We are on a slight budget, but have room for a little splurge.

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    1. If you can get there before 6:30, Ouest on Broadway btw 83rd and 84th has a great weeknight dinner deal. $33 per person for a prix-fixe dinner with app, entree and dessert, all orders must be in the kitchen by 6:30. It's a great way to have a high-quality meal at Ouest, known for their meats, at a lower price. Menu is here:

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        Thank you, that sounds great! Our friend, whose apartment at which we are staying, said there are a number of good Thai restaurants in the neighborhood. Though she failed to give us any names before she took off for Mexico. We also love good BBQ, Soul food and Greek and Mediterranean food.

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          Head up to Dinosaur BBQ - easy cab or subway trip from where you're staying. There's Bodrum for Mediterranean, I haven't been. Try Kefi for casual Greek on 79th between Bwy/Amsterdam (cash only).

          There's also Gennaro for decent affordable Italian food.

          Also, make sure you get some bagels at Absolute on 108/Bwy and baked goods at Silver Spoon on 105/bwy.

          Grab a slice of Pizza or 2 at Sal and Carmine's on 101/Bwy

          1. re: harrison

            Second the rec for Silver Moon (not "spoon") on 105th. Wonderful croissants. We also like Dinosaur BBQ, Gennaro's, Pio Pio. We're not fans of Cafe con Leche.

            We also like Roth's Steakhouse (they usually have live jazz on the weekends) on Columbus at 93rd and Gabriela's (Mexican) on Columbus between 93rd & 94th.

            You can check menus and prices for any suggestions at

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              whoops - typing faster than brain working this morning!

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            You can have SOUL and BBQ at rack N Soul on 109th and Bway.

            1. re: Ora

              oooh, yes. They have good red velvet cake too at rack & soul.

      2. Taco truck on 96th and Broadway is a cheap and delicious treat on the go.

        1. Charm Thai on Amsterdam between 95th and 96th for cheap thai food. There are some mixed reviews from Hounders here, but for the most part I love the food there. One of the best Thai places in the UWS.

          Pio Pio Salon for peruvian if that is up your alley. You can get a whole chicken and 2 sides for under $20. Delicious and filling.

          Cafe con LEche for cuban, just next door to Charm thai. I'd stay away from the steak dishes, as the meat was a little tough when I had it. BUt everything else is very flavorful and cheap!

          1. Trik Trak (Haitian) at Amsterdam & 101 sounds interesting...haven't been there but am definitely intrigued....

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              Did they change the name? I thought it was called Krik Krak. I bought take out once. It was good, but better Haitian food can be found in Brooklyn. Even Le Soleil in 57 St is better.

            2. These sound like some great places. I have been to Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester and I wonder if the one in NY is much different....I have never tried Haitian food, I am sure I would like it though. Thank you for all the suggestions so far. I have been looking up menus all morning and am now more than ready for lunch I am so hungry!