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Dec 3, 2007 04:18 AM

ISO beef short ribs

I planning on making braised short ribs at an upcoming dinner party, and am having troubles finding them. My first thought was costco, but while i was there on the weekend i could'nt see any. I am thinking calling cumbraes and royal beef, but if anyone has any other ideas, they would be very welcome. thanks lb

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  1. Where are you located? I am starting to see them, inconsistently, in places like my local IGA, but your best bet is probably any real butcher shop. They may not be on display, but you should ask.

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    1. re: julesrules

      For braising they are cheaper at any Korea market.
      I have purchased them many times at Pat, and at the Korean market on Yonge at Doncaster.
      Dominion often has specials as well and usually carry short ribs.
      They will cut them to size.

    2. Any of the St Lawrence butchers would prepare them for you if they didn't have them on hand, maybe call ahead to see, Upper Cut or White House are there...if you are prepared to pay for Cumbraes though you can't go wrong, or the Healthy Butcher on Queen W would oblige...

      1. If you are anywhere near a T.&T. Supermarket, I have seen them there.

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        1. re: Leslieville

          I also get them at Korean stores. The big one on Bloor just east of Christie has them.

          1. re: koknia

            I believe that one is called P.A.T. I see short ribs at chinese grocery stores all the time, prices are resonable. I have noticed that service varies though, some place will not cut them to your specifications.

          2. re: Leslieville

            I got some at T & T Cherry St two weeks ago. They were ridiculously cheap and tasty but I had to show the butcher how I wanted them cut because they were in huge slabs. That's not a bad thing because you can get them trimmed exactly how you want them.

            Also saw them at European Meats in Kensington.

          3. Apparently there is an English cut, and a German cut. My sources advise the former, but they are harder to find. The English cut is well trimmed, and cube shaped, with more meat.

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            1. re: jayt90

              It's more about personal preference than about one style being "better" than the other. The English style gives you a long bone topped with a chunk of meat. The flanken style is a long strip of meat cut in a different direction, which runs across many small pieces of bone.

              Using any given prep, the taste will be similar but the texture somewhat different. This is a tough cut of meat. The Asian grill preps usually require the flanken style because it can be cut very thin, and therefore will (with very accurate timing) grill up tender. With the flanken style, you can also suck the bones.

              The English style, or a thick flanken cut, needs a long, slow braise.

              1. re: embee

                Great description. I get mine at the Friendly Butcher on Yonge, north of Lawrence. He cuts them exactly as I request (which is a 4-5 inch English cut).

            2. Cumbrae's will likely have them. You will also find them at virtually all Jewish butchers (whether kosher or not) and at almost any mainstream supermarket in a Jewish area. Nortown usually has good ones. The Jewish stores are likely to label the cut as "flanken" or "Miami ribs", but these are, indeed, short ribs.