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Dec 3, 2007 04:04 AM

Dim Sum, again.

I wold like to take friends to either Jin Fong, HSF, OG or any Manhattan place that you guys think is best.

Questions: Do most of these places only do dim sum on the weekends? (Sat and Sun?)

If only on weekends, what time is best to avoid huge crowds? What time do they usually open?

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  1. we like pings & like to get there by 11-11:30 to make sure we get a table without waiting. pings serves dim sum during the week too, i think, but am not sure. 22 mott st.

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    1. re: meb903

      Do you think most of these are open at 10am??? I think places with the carts might be best for people who have never had dim sum..does Ping's have these?

      1. re: erica

        yes, pings has the cart for sure on weekends. not sure about during the week. i don't know what time they open, but you can call to find out about the time and carts during the week.

    2. To my knowledge the only places that do dim sum only on weekends are restaurants without a large local daytime Chinese population base. For example I know some of the places in New Jersey that serve dim sum only do so on weekends because the area Chinese residents are off working out of the area, such as in New York. I've never run into a dim sum restaurant in any Chinatown that didn't serve it seven days a week.

      1. One note on Jing Fong, although they officially stop serving dim sum at 3:30 (i believe), the selection and frequency of cart service diminishes tremendously after 2:30 or so. I've been there twice around this time in recent months and had to cut my meal short due to lack of selection (not the worst thing in the world, since i mosied over to new big wong and gorged on roast duck and whole fish in ginger and scallion...)

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          That's pretty much the routine at cart service dim sum restaurants and shows the dilemma between selection and waiting time. Go when they open and you won't have to fight for a seat, but some of the good stuff is saved for the noontime crowd. Go at noontime and you'll have to wait an hour. Avoid the crowd by going late and they're sold out of the items you might want.

          1. re: Chandavkl

            A true dilemma!! Even on Sundays is noon the peak hour? (I thought dim sum as more of a late breakfast meal..shows how much I know!) So sounds like 11am might be a decent time....

            1. re: erica

              Sunday is the #1 day for dim sum and depending on the restaurant, they'll reach capacity somewhere in the 11 to 12 o'clock hour. If you have a choice between Saturday and Sunday, you're likely to be quite a bit better off on Saturday.