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Dec 3, 2007 12:41 AM

Oxtail soup

I love the oxtail soup served at California Hotel and Casino in las vegas, does nayone knwo where I can get something similar here in the bay area? I can make it but it is time consuming...

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    1. re: greatdane

      Was it a clear broth like Korean Gomtang?

      1. re: Humbucker

        Or a smooth brown puree like they serve in German cafes? I think they use a prepared mix for that.

    2. There are two oxtail soups – with peanuts or with lotus root. The California Hotel and Casino caters to the Chinese from Hawaii (didn’t you wonder why there are so many gamblers wandering on the premises wearing Hawaiian Aloha shirts?). The Hawaiian Chinese generally love the oxtail peanut soup. Oxtail soup does generally takes three hours to cook in order to soften the oxtail (light brown oxtail takes less time than those with dark streaks). I just made some last week. It is a characteristic “low-fire” soup and is often served as a house soup to accompany dinner in Chinese restaurants. I’ve had oxtail lotus soup recently as a house soup at the Hong Kong Restaurant in Mountain View and at the Silver Lake Restaurant in San Mateo

      1. About 4 months ago I went to a place in Little Saigon that served Oxtail Stew. It was tomato based and had carrots and potato like my mom used to make. I dunno if it was the French influence (i.e. a more traditional stew) on the Vietnamese food or the fact that I suspect that the owners were ethnically Chinese running a Vietnamese restaurant.

        Anyway, the mention of "Chinese/Hawaiian style Oxtail Soup" made me think that CHers may have had this stew.(This is where my mom got her cooking style I suspect)

        I loved this stew, I wish I could remember the name/location of this place. The Stew was very tasty and only about $7.95. It was a block up (perpendicular) from Larkin where the 4 block strip is called "Little Saigon". I am guessing it was on Ellis/O'Farrell.

        If any CHers have had this please let me know where. Thanks.

        1. Ame had one on their menu a couple months ago. It was decent (not necessarily Michelin star decent).

          Most Vietnamese restaurants use a clear oxtail broth for beef pho. If you are really jonesing for oxtail broth I'd try that option first.