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Dec 3, 2007 12:00 AM

Vegetarian Cooking Class

Hi Chowhounds!
I am a vegetarian and I am trying to educate my brother about eating healthier (i.e. eating veggies!) so for Christmas I want to enroll us in a vegetarian cooking class! I have researched a few in the LA area but they seem to fall short of what I was expecting, if anyone has any suggestions I would really really appreciate it, thank you so so much and merry Christmas!!!

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  1. There is actually a woman who does occasional cooking demonstrations at Whole Foods who also teaches private customized cooking classes on her own. She goes to your home and teaches you the benefits of your fruits, veggies, herbs and spices and specializes in vegetarian cuisine. Her company is called Love Cooking for You. Definitely give her a call to see if her class is what you're looking for. The number is 818-624-2258 and her name is Liila. Hope this helps!

    1. Check the listings at Sur La Table. My girlfriend and I took a great veg cooking class there in the spring. Many of their other classes, while not 100% vegetarian, may still have enough vegetarian dishes to be worthwhile, and they always tell you what all the dishes are in the description.

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        Native Foods in Westwood had a cooking class a few years back. Couldnt hurt to check them out.

      2. Spork Foods out of silver lake does some classes and specialize in vegetarian/vegan/healthy/etc. they might have something for you:

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          i second spork foods.
          (one of the gals that runs it used to cook at native foods in westwood)

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            Wow! All of their currently scheduled classes are vegan. This is exactly what I was looking for... thanks all!

          2. this is a great topic, and exactly what i'm looking for - some of the recommendations others have given are great: sur la table offers a lot of options at the farmer's market, almost a different class 6 out of 7 nights a week, and spork foods looks pretty good too. The only "cooking for you" I could find in LA area seemed to specialize in desserts - anyone have a link to the other one if that's not it?

            anybody have any other ideas?


            1. One of my foodblogger friends recently attended a HipCooks class (they have one on the Westside and one in Downtown) -- she liked it a lot and they are very vegetarian-friendly. They also have quite a few healthy cooking classes too. $55 / person and it comes with wine so not a bad deal.


              My friend's review: http://kirbyvonscrumptious.blogspot.c...


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                i bought a couple of the hipcooks classes for my girlfriend and she said she liked them a lot, with a couple reservations: some of the more complicated prep is done in advance (i'm sure to save time) but she really wanted to see how people get fennel chopped so fine, and other similar things. also, the wine served with the meal is one bottle for up to eight people over three hours. she said she had two half sips as she was in the restroom while the single bottle was being pooured, and got the dregs. she inquired about bringing wine to the second class she took and was discouraged.
                last, the recipes/ instructions emailed after the class are vague to the point of being practically ambiguous.