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mostarda di cremona?

howchow Dec 2, 2007 09:37 PM

Looking to buy this Italian accompaniment to bollito misto for a christmas eve dinner - anyone know where to find a good one in the LA area?

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  1. Servorg RE: howchow Dec 3, 2007 06:26 AM

    This may be one of those things you have to buy online. Luckily you still have time.


    1. mnosyne RE: howchow Dec 3, 2007 08:50 AM

      I'm pretty sure you can find this at Surfas in Culver City.

      1. j
        Jerome RE: howchow Dec 3, 2007 03:57 PM

        Any good italian deli should have it.
        bay Cities, Claro's even Pinocchio/MonteCarlo in Burbank.

        They all have it.

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        1. re: Jerome
          howchow RE: Jerome Dec 3, 2007 04:55 PM

          Thanks all! Bay Cities it is.

        2. a
          alison RE: howchow Dec 3, 2007 07:16 PM

          Guidi Marcello in Santa Monica
          Check this page-tons of good stuff :


          1. George RE: howchow Dec 4, 2007 08:32 AM

            I did a bollito misto for New Year's Eve two years back and got my mostarda at Sorrento's in Culver City. They had tons of it. Also got the cotechino sausage I needed from them.

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