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Dec 2, 2007 09:32 PM

Local Bacon

In my little corner of the world we have some great producers of smoked pork. Aside form the little gas station/smoke shops, we have regionally distributed bacon (that may be available by mail order). Anyone else care sound off on the virtues of their local pork?

Richard's- This is my go to bacon. They have a website but I don't know if you can order from them. It is well smoked and seasoned. The fat renders nicely and is perfect for reserving for corn bread. Where some bacon tends to ere on the side of either over smoking or a nitrite-like bite, this stuff is very balanced. Nice thick cut as well [


Savoie's- They don't make bacon but you can order a well peppered and season Tasso from their website. There are local spots that make a more fully smoked Tasso but you can't order from them. Their hog's head cheese is pretty fine too. Or, treat yourself to some smoked pork and alligator sausage. [


Plantation Pecan Company- I salivate as I write this. Whole slab bacon, beautifully smoked, some of it still has the rind on so it works great in a pot of beans. Not to mention the shop is just a few miles down the road from the little river town where my mom was born. Rich and versatile. Nostalgia and smoked pig, who could ask for more? []

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  1. Local pig is something I got spoiled rotten for during all our years in Nashville, and whenever we go back I always have to pick up some ham and/or bacon. That said, and after doing a lot of comparison shopping, there's an outfit up in Cadiz, Kentucky that beats my Tennessee favorites both for flavor and price. Their hams are what they're most famous for, but I got a 1-lb. slab of bacon and two 2-lb. cloth bags of their smoked bulk sausage for about $30, and both of those products are just about the best I've ever had. I'm about to place another order with them - that pound of bacon disappeared awfully fast! - and am thinking I need to throw a BREAKFAST party for our foodie friends here in SoCal, just to show'em what we're missing out here!

    I'd love to give that Louisiana bacon a whirl, but 40-odd pound minimums won't work for me. Thanks for the inspiration, though!


    1. I love the bacon from either Strasbourg provision, Streb's meats in Dalton Ohio or Marshallville Packing Company, in Marshallville, but none of them have websites that I can link to. Marshallville packing and Strasbourg sell retail and will that cut and wrap meats and will custom process game.

      All of them are small family business' that still smoke their own meats with hardwood.