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Dec 2, 2007 09:30 PM

Savguniot for Chanukah

Has anyone out there got a reccomendation for the traditional jelly doughnuts or savguniyot that are enjoyed on the festival of Chanukah. They are very popular in Israel at this time of the year and I'm sure there must be a few bakeries in Toronto that are making them for the festival of lights. Thanks

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  1. Am sure that most of the Jewish bakeries will have them...offhand, anywhere up the Bathurst Street north of Glencairn strip...Hermes, Isaac'a, Open Window etc. etc....there are sure to be lots in other places but these are the bakeries I pass on a regular basis.

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    1. re: pearlD

      Amazing Donuts- on the West side of Bathurst just north of Wilson, next King David Falafel. Alos great for bringing donuts/cupcakes to school for kid's birthdays as everything is nut-free.

      1. re: robb

        We also ordered ours from Ammmazing Donuts. Be warned though - if you are planning to order any quantity, you may be out of luck. I put my order for 300 in on November 20th.

      2. re: pearlD

        I just saw them this morning at "What A Bagel" on (south side) Eglinton Avenue West between Bathurst and Glen Cedar Road.