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Dec 2, 2007 07:52 PM

First Wedding Anniversary Suggestions in Dallas

I would love to get some suggestions on where we should spend our first anniversary this Saturday. The first catch is that my husband is a VERY picky eater.

--No red meat of any kind.
--No heavy sauces or gravies.
--No to most ethnic foods (Chinese and Mongolian BBQ are the exceptions).
--No casseroles (or anything where it's all mixed up).
--No tomatoes or tomato sauces

The second catch is that we need to keep the dinner total to $100. The good news is that due to weight loss surgery, I can't eat more than the size of my palm at one time. That makes me a CHEAP date. Other than the size, I have no food limitations.

Thank you so much for any help!

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  1. Does the $100 include wine? If not, then you could certainly get out of Lola for under $100 (especially with one light eater). Same probably goes for York St. or Local (all good). At a somewhat lower price point, I'd recommend Suze, which I think has nice ambience and the chef has always been willing to entertain special requests when I've eaten there. Probably you can find some menu items at each of these places that fits your criteria - you can check the menus online. Maybe Dallas Fish Market would be good too - I haven't been there yet, but I hear good things.

    If chinese is _really_ ok, I'd suggest trying Yao Fuzi. I haven't been here either, but it's receiving very good comments and seems like a classy place. But it's more authentic than your average Chinese restaurant in Dallas, so I'm not sure if it's what you have in mind.

    happy anniversary!

    1. Try The Grape. They have small plates of many of their entrees (which is always more than enough for me). While it's not a huge menu, I've always found it to offer a variety of things and they've always been more than gracious about leaving off sauces, etc. Their sauces don't tend to be heavy, but you can still get things "plain". (I always tell them to go light on the sauce because I like sauce, just not much of it.) It's a nice atmosphere and you can dress up or go "nice casual" (in other words I wouldn't go in jeans and a t-shirt but I've worn nice jeans with a blouse many times).

      Small entrees range from $12-$18, larger entrees for $18 to $24 with a couple of steaks a bit higher but obviously that won't apply to you!

      Appetizers and salads are very generous and are $8 to $10 and desserts are around $8.

      We go pretty regularly and split an appetizer, have two small entrees, split a dessert and have a glass of wine each for $100 including tip.

      I love the Mission Fig Salad with frisee (warning, it's huge and should be split or eaten as an entree), the mussels are good, they still have the classic wonderful Grape calamari off-menu, the soups and cheese plates are always good. The flatbread is good, but very, very rich.

      Entrees generally change once a month but I've eaten a wide variety of things there and always been happy.

      1. Roy's Restaurant in Plano is quite romantic (just ask my lovely wife the Rock Star). The really good news here is they have a prix fix menu for $35 a person featuring appetizer, entree and dessert. I know your appetite is small, my dear, but almost any place will allow you to box up leftovers, which make for great lunches the next day. Check out their website at

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          You actually don't know how perfect your suggestion is! We got married and then honeymooned in Hawaii and I had no idea this place existed. I have to go make reservations now. Thank you!

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            Have a wonderful time, my dear. Glad to hear I could be of service!!!