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Dec 2, 2007 07:25 PM

Don't Starve if in Arco Id. Or Elko Nv.

My Wife & I took a trip to montana this fall. We had low expectations for food and I must admit that those expectations were meet at virtually every stop until we were getting near the end of our trip. We got lucky when we decided to stop and stay in arco Id. one nite , and decided to try our luck at places to eat. We drove past several eating establishments during the lunch hour and their parking lots were empty and then as we were just about at the west edge of town we saw a nondescript place called Pickels and the parking lot was jammed. It was painted green and we thought , omygawd how funky, as we opened the door and saw probably every farmer in the area noisly eating & enjoying themselves. We sat down and opened the menu & settled on two burgers & salads. The burgers came and they were terrific & the salads were basic & fresh then we looked at desert and had homemade fresh apple pie & ice cream. Pickels was a shot in the arm for two hungry people with 3 weeks of lousy road food .
On our next stop before home we stoped in Elko Nv. and stopped at the Star a Basque restaurant in Elko. I haven't eaten there for a couple of years and am glad to report that they are very good as always and now they are smoke free due to a new state law.

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  1. sorry you didn't find "good food" in Montana. We've found it everywhere. We found great BBQ in a two-block town where the only thing on the streets were kids on bikes and an ocassional dog. Did you at least try some of the local microbrews like Moose Drool?

    If possible, can you give us your no-go's?

    1. Lunch at the Star includes one of the best steak sandwiches around. Bil Toki and the Nevada Dinner House are also very good Basque restaurants there in Elko, and the Pine Lodge out at Lamoille is also very good.