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NOLA Wedding w/ Good Food

I have been doing a lot of research for our wedding on April 26th (Jazz Fest first weekend), looking for good food and a nice quick ceremony. Our current front runners are the Masion Dupuy, Garlands Guesthouse, and the upstairs room at Napolean House. We are both from San Diego and have family and friends from all over, we are expecting 20-40 people to attend. We visit NOLA any time we can as it is our favorite city. Did I miss anywhere that could host a nice intimate wedding with top knotch food? I searched the boards and got some good ideas that steered us in the right direction (I hope). Any assistance you folks could provide would be greatly appreciated. We should have taken care of this long ago, but the engagement just happened on Friday. Budget per person is around $50-$60 pp with open bar. Thanks in advance for the assistance.


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  1. My BIL had his reception at Rosy's Jazz Hall; neat space, and the food was quite good.

    1. I've been in a wedding that was at the Maison Dupuy, but that was preKatrina. The food was wonderful and I loved the setting. I don't know about price or how it is these days, but I don't think you can go wrong.

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      1. I know someone who had their reception at the upstairs of the Napoleon House.
        They loved it. That said, being a Jazz Fest weekend . . . well, not sure if you will get the price you want or hotels.

        Here's an alternative: Uptown New Orleans

        The Fine Arts Center, I have been to many events here & have enjoyed every one!

        The family also has a B & B very close by (1 or 2 blks)


        I am pretty sure it will fit your budget.
        Perhaps you could also rent a streetcar for your entire guest list.
        That might be fun!

        1. Had our wedding reception upstairs at Napoleon House six years ago. Searching for something different than the run-of-the-mill wedding reception. My wife and I and friends are still talking about how wonderful our reception was. The Napoleon House allowed us to come in one Saturday night while another couple's reception was taking place, offered a large selection of possible food choices (all of which we were allowed to sample), and the personnel were extremely helpful and personable.
          I would recommend the Napoleon House.

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            Thanks for all the info and suggestions folks, this is truly one of the best boards on Chowhound. Waiting on some call backs, and quotes hopefully will have a place nailed down by Wednesday.

          2. Another vote for Napoleon House! Congratulations!

            1. Where did you end up for your wedding? We are from New Orleans, but don't live there now, and are looking for a place to hold our wedding, possibly around one of the JazzFest weekends next year.

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                We had ours at NOMA, and held the reception there, too. Everybody in town needed the money, but we thought NOMA would be the best place to support. NOMA during jazzfest might not be realistic, however. Joel did the catering. Rehearsal dinner at Ralph's on the Park. Everything was outstanding.

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                  NOMA is an Interesting thought. I live in Northern VA now, but still own a small house on Bayou St. John just across from the park. Not wed to the jazzfest idea, but thought it would be a fun tie-in for out of town guests.

                  I'm also intrigued by the Rosy's Jazz Hall idea. Not a place I've been to or even heard of before seeing it on this board.

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                    Rosy's would be a lot more casual. It is a cool space though. Ours was black tie, and NOMA was perfect for that.

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                  Sorry for the late response. Ended up at the Maison Dupuy. Christy the wedding planner is top notch. Did a bunch of apps, no formal meal, but the food was great. Had the reception at Blue Nile. Bride was very happy.

                3. Had a wedding shower at the Omni Royal in the Quarter, was very nice, beautiful courtyard area on an upper floor and the food was great! They were very professional and worked well with my florist. I also had a piano player and they accomodated him very nicely.

                  1. We had our wedding/reception upstairs at Napoleon House the weekend between FQF and Jazz Fest in April. Also looked at Muriel's, Rosy's and Latrobes. We made the right decision....Napoleon House was incredible. Great space, the food exceded our expectations (far and above the usual catered affair). The staff was friendly and professional (from management to wait/bar staff). Drinks served in actual glasses, not throw-away plastic cups, food on china, not paper/plastic plates. Open balcony's overlooking Charters and St. Louis. While I'm at it, a few more props......

                    Cakes:Flour Power, band: Palmetto Bug Stompers, photographer: Sam Gregory.

                    1. Hopefully you got this settled, but I went to a wedding at Rosy's Jazz Hall last summer that was fantastic - I'm sure they can recommend caterer, etc. One of the nicest weddings I've ever been to.

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                        Rosy's cooks and caters in house. And it's usually very good. A fun, cool place for a party.

                      2. Cafe Amelia ...you can rent the whole place ...went to one there on Saturday and it was nice, although you have to be done by 10pm