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Dec 2, 2007 06:03 PM

Jackson MS ethnic groceries?

This west coast foodie is moving to Jackson. Sounds like I won't starve! I have some fond hopes of finding an Asian or other international market. Perhaps a few little Asian, Mexican, Indian etc. holes in the wall. Do they exist? Looking forward to it all!

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  1. Well if you like the small hole-in-the-wall type markets, you are in luck. I can think of three Asian, one Mediteranian, one Mexican, and two Indian markets within a 10 minute drive of my house.

    Of course, being Jackson, pretty much anything in town is within a 10 minute drive of anywhere...

    Do you know where you will be living yet?

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    1. re: Clarkafella

      This cheers me up enormously! I am looking in Belhaven, do you have any other safe neighborhood suggestions? I would especially like to find Vietnamese groceries but info on all much appreciated. Having been an Angelino for years, a 10 minute drive is like stepping next door in bedroom slippers.! Ahhhh!

      1. re: georgeG

        If I was moving here, Belhaven would be among my top choices for location, although the Fondren area (particularly the Woodland Hills part) might be a little better from a foodie pov...

        Both areas have a small, locally owned grocery store within walking distance of most of the neighborhood. Belhaven has Greek, Mexican restaurants, a decent pizza place, and a wonderful Irish pub. Fondren just has more to select from, but you should be happy either place.

        It will still be a 10 minute drive to any ethnic groceries though!

        HTH, and welcome!

        1. re: Clarkafella

          I live in Belhaven and love it. While Jackson grocery stores are uniformly horrible (compared to other cities), we do have many great restaurants. I agree that Fondren has better food, but it's also only a 5 minute drive from Belhaven to Fondren.

          1. re: Clarkafella

            Thank you to both of you!
            I am sure there will be many more questions as I learn my new town.
            Soooooo, about those markets, What and where are your favorites?
            I'll bet there are good places to eat nearby!
            Always thinking of the stomach...

            1. re: georgeG

              Van Hung is a decent Asian grocery -- but I'll have to call Clarkafella a liar because it's about 20 minutes from my house in Fondren (it's on Highway 51 in Ridgeland). Seriously, though, Rainbow Co-op is a nice place for organic produce and that kind of stuff, although it's not really ethnic. I'm going to second georgeG's request to Clarkafella and ask for the location of the markets referred to above. I don't do a ton of Asian/Indian/Mexican cooking, but it's always fun to pick up bizarre ingredients.

              1. re: pkimble

                20 minutes? Just get on State St and head north- it is almost all 4 lane now!

                I can't think of the names of all the other places, but I know where they are- perhaps someone else can join in!

                There is an Indian restaurant/grocery called Spice Avenue on I-55 just north of Northside Drive. Eaten there once and it was very good! It was brand new at the time, but it looked like they were busy stocking shelves...

                Little Tokyo 876 Avery Blvd in Ridgeland now has an Asian grocery next door

                On Old Canton Road just north of the intersection of County Line Road, there is a small Mexican grocery- can't think of the name- I buy most of my Mexican stuff at Brookshires, but this place would probably be more authentic

                Just up Old Canton from the Mexican place on the other side of the road is the Mediterranean Grocery and Cafe at 6554 Old Canton Rd- decent cheeses too

                There is an Indian grocery just up the road from there (Patel's?)

                Across the spillway, another Asian market...

                As mentioned, Van Hung on Hwy 51 in Ridgeland is decent, and where I usually go...

                Now if you ever want to really get serious about ethnic foods, it is worth the 3 hour drive to Memphis just to check out the Winchester Farmers Market- I stop in every time I go- not just to buy stuff, but to look. The fish tanks full of catfish, tilapia, and live eels, and the fresh octopus in the case make it worth the trip just to see!

                But for most of my shopping, local places do just fine...

                1. re: Clarkafella

                  Thank you Clarkafella!
                  I was able to find a great place in Belhaven and am here now, surrounded by boxes of my stuff. But the kitchen is unpacked, and ready for action. You have provided a great local itinerary, and made the trip to Memphis most tempting!

      2. Spice Avenue has the best food in Jackson (and groceries).

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        1. re: JaneWinston

          Do you really think so? I had the butter chicken- it was pretty damn good, but I don't know if it was the best food I had ever had in Jackson...

          1. re: Clarkafella

            The food at Spice Avenue is made with fresh ingredients, it is not fussy, and it is totally delicious. I don't know of any restaurant in Jackson that can compare. And I love the butter chicken. In my opinion, it is the best food in Jackson.

            1. re: Clarkafella

              butter chicken usually is so rich it's almost hard to mess up; a friend and I ate at Spice Avenue recently and we thought the buffet was watered down. I suppose that's what we get for trying the buffet! I haven't been to their grocery store. I have, however, been to Patel's Grocery and consider it a wonderful find. In addition to dry goods, vegetables, spices, and an extensive frozen section, they have fresh-made Indian snacks, some of which are a tad strange--the samosas, however, at 89 cents each are great--a little variable from day to day, but I have had them on at least two occasions when I was thankful I had driven away from the store or I would have eaten 10 of them before being able to stop myself! Compared to the major grocery stores, on those occasions when they both have the same thing [for example a jarred chutney or such], it has been significantly cheaper at Patels. I'm pretty glad I found them, though they are a little out of the way [for me] and have no morning hours. I'll have to check the Spice Avenue grocery section.

              1. re: lillito

                Spice Avenue has pretty much phased out the grocery section and is now all restaurant. They have really done a lot with the place on the inside too! Looks great.

                And while we still order the butter chicken, the fish that is cooked in the tandoor oven is really incredible, and we tend to get that more often. I've never had dosa there and would like to try them sometime.

                By the way, the buffet is nothing like the made to order stuff served in the evening- not even close. At least it wasn't a year ago, which was the last time I tried it...

                Spice Avenue
                4711 I 55 N, Jackson, MS 39206

                1. re: Clarkafella

                  Thanks for the info...I knew it was unwise to eat from the buffet and you just confirmed it. I'll give the tandoor fish a try.