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Dec 2, 2007 05:56 PM

Where to buy sausage casings in Wilmington, NC

Please, anybody knows where to buy sausage casings in Wilmington, NC? Thanks!

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  1. Martino's Italian deli on wrightsville Ave near the beach makes their own sausage...they are probably your best bet

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      Actually Martino's will not sell you casings alone, you must buy there ridiculously overpriced meats to get the casings. Piggly wiggly in Leland sells them during hunting season but no other time. Pine Valley Market has them from time to time but call to check because they often don't. The only sure fire bet is Clark's pork outlet in Rocky Point, about 25 mins away. I only know this after a day of pissing around. Hoping they have caul fat as well, maybe it'll be worth the drive.