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Dec 2, 2007 05:34 PM

MSP: New Chef At Barbette

I had dinner at Barbette last night for the first time and our server said they had a new chef. It appears Landon Schoenfeld aka "Colonel Mustard" is out. I was told his replacement comes from Spoonriver/Cafe Brenda and had also been at Levain v. 1.0.

The food we had was all classically prepared and great:

Cheese Fondue and half a dozen oysters. Wonderful braised shortribs and Steak au Poive with haricot verts. A fine panna cotta.

I also sampled the Alexis Bailley port which was really tasty.

I have no reference point to say whether the there has been a change of quality but my wife and I both thought we will make a point of trying to go back.

Anyone hear where Schoendfeld has landed? or who his replacement is?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I heard, too, that Barbette had a new chef. I went in for dinner and was told they were serving a special holiday menu for the week. We had the red deer with spetzle and a butter poached lobster with caviar. Both were absolutely amazing. The name at the bottom of the menu said 'Sarah Masters' and when I asked the server who she was she told me she worked at Spoonriver and Restaurant Alma and before that came from New Orleans. Anyone else eat there lately? I thought it was great and will be going back.

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        I just ate there too and I asked our server where Colonel Mustard went and she said he was opening up his own place in Nordeast. BTW, the mussels were huge and very food, the papperdelle w/wild mushrooms was good but not great and the salmon was excellent...cooked perfectly. This was the holiday menu and my first time there. Does the menu always change from week to week?

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          I've been there a few times and the menu seems to change every month or so. They also have daily specials- a meat and a fish usually. I agree about the mussels... Delicious!