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Dec 2, 2007 05:02 PM

Where to go for TRANSCENDENT chocolate?

I'll be in Manhattan for a few days later this week and would like to bring home a gift of superior, sublime chocolate for my transcendent wife. Just chocolate - you open it up, unwrap it, whatever, and eat it. Not for cooking, not to be mixed with liquid and topped with marshmallows. Just chocolate. Not draped over fruit or filled with creams. Just chocolate.

Made in NYC would be cool, but if you have suggestions for pre-packaged stuff (and locations, of course), I'd be most greatful.

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  1. Just plain chocolate (like bars)? Would Jacques Torres do?

    Otherwise, I'd send you off to Kee's...

    1. for great new york chocolates, try out kee's chocolates. they're handmade each day and the flavors are unbelievable. plus they're packaged beautifully, i think they're a great gift for your transcendent wife.

      other people may suggest la maison du chocolat, marie belle, or jacques torres, or even valrohna, but those are a bit "corporate" compared to kee, albeit, quite delicious, if you make it to the kee store, i'm sure you'll see that it's a true new york find.

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          Kee's is excellent for exotic filled chocolates - but the OP specifically asked for just plain great chocolate - no fillings or flavors. For that request, I'd recommend La Maison du Chocolat.

        2. re: hugglyj

          Totally Kee's, for a special gift for a chocolate lover, there is nothing better, I think. If you want "just chocolate" get a chocolate ganache truffle there. Seriously, this is a very special product and therefore a really special gift.

        3. Pierre Marcolini on Park Avenue & 59th is outstandingly excellent and (not yet at least) over hyped...

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            1. re: fauchon

              I always walk by this place and it looks beautiful. Any specific recommendations?

            2. For just plain chocolate, I would pay a visit to the Michel Cluizel shop over in ABC Carpet and pick up a few of the single-origin bars (Hacienda Los Ancones being my favorite).

              If you have an overbearing need to buy chocolate that was actually ground up and conched in NY, then Torres is the way to go.

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              1. re: big o

                marie belle, michel cluizel & jacques torres ..

              2. Richart is good for a present. But my personal faves are Teuscher champagne truffles.