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Dec 2, 2007 03:55 PM

Best wings in Charlotte?

Who's got 'em?

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  1. I've heard Moosehead, near Park and Woodlawn, believe it or not. But Mac's also has good wings.

    1. I dunno about the best in Charlotte but I've had really good wings at Wing Stop in Carmel Commons shopping ctr... try their cajun, hot, teriyaki and garlic parm flavors. They also have good fries and blue cheese for dipping. Also, Township Grille on Indpendence in Matthews has REALLY good wings. I haven't been there in quite some time but they've always been known for their good buffalo style wings. The owners are from NY and they have like 70 different beers. They are located in a shopping center and the atmosphere is lacking but the bar food is good.

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      1. re: lynnlato

        One of the things I really miss about Charlotte is Wing Stop. I know it is a chain, but those garlic parmesan wings were a family favorite. We could never get enough of them and it seems that nobody else has a similar recipe.

        1. re: brentk

          They are sassy...those garlic parm wings, aren't they? Very intense, but not obnoxiously so.

          Yeah, ya know Wing Stop is one of the few chains that we like.

          1. re: brentk

            Brent, aren't you in G'boro/W-S now? I loved East Coast Wings in W-S on Country Club Rd. The teri-ginger-garlic is downright sinful. They also have a parmesan version too. Ronni's in Clemmons (though it used to be better) was standard for Saturday lunch with a pizza and a pitcher.

            1. re: jlwnc

              Agreed --East Coast Wings was very good.

              1. re: artlee

                I'm in Greensboro now and I just noticed the other day that there is an ECW opening up not too far from my house. I'll have to give them a try as the other wings places I have tried around here are really lacking.

          1. re: Spreadhead

            Sorry to bother you Spearhead but I was looking forward to the Anchor Bar opening. Do you remember where you read they weren't opening? I appreciate your help.
            Happy eating!

            1. re: Truthonlytruth

              mcap said that,not me.I only asked if they had opened yet.

              1. re: Spreadhead

                It was in the Charlotte Observer (a couple months back). They had plans to open two locations, but the deal fell through. It said they would still like to open here, but there are no plans in place.

          2. Moosehead has great wings - try the Blackened wings. Awesome. The Buffalo wings are real good too.

            Oh, and Anchor Bar has not opened - I read the deal for the franchise here fell through and is currently not in the works.

            1. I really miss Wing Ranch in Dilworth. They had great wings although the servers were downright rude. It was actually kind of fun to go in there and be abused by the waitress especially if you had young children with you, which they didn't like. But the wings made it worth it! Alas, bad service closed the business down. Now I like the Yellow Rose on 51 in the Tochstone shopping center. Bit of a dive but really great wings and delicious blue cheese dressing!

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              1. re: southernitalian

                I miss the Wing Ranch too, what happened to them?
                My wife and I used to go there when we were dating (18 years ago).
                The sweet 16 was a great deal....

                1. re: Tee

                  I was told they just weren't running the business well. They were in a beautiful, historic district surrounded by incredibly wealthy people who wanted a nice place to bring their children. But the Wing King and his minions wanted more of a dive bar so people stopped going. They really were hostile to children. I brought my daughter in for lunch when she was around 3 and left after twenty minutes of being ingnored. All of the places in Dilworth that are kid friendly, at least in the early evenings, do well. Very few exceptions like Picasso's can thrive without the family-oriented business plan. All of that said, I do miss those wings.

                  1. re: southernitalian

                    I don't recall the specifics but wasnt there a fire/insurance issue at one time? IIRC, the owners were outspoken politically as well and liberal Dilworth may not have supported their views.