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Dec 2, 2007 03:43 PM


Anyone know where I can find lavender? I want to make Lavender Truffles, but can't find lavender -- looked at Whole Foods, Farmers Market (on melrose), Trader Joe's, Gelson's. Not sure if I need dry or fresh...but thinking dried. Thanks!

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  1. Surfas carries dried lavender, quite fragrant, and probably what you are looking for....

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    1. re: rbw

      Oh, I forgot to mention...I checked at Surfas yesterday and they didn't have any. Many they were sold out...thanks for the response!

    2. Cost Plus World Market sometimes carries lavender in their spices section.

      1. Obessed - We always see it at the Farmers' Markets: Santa Monica, Hollywood, etc.

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          I second liu's suggestion...I also see lavender at the Hollywood Farmers Market. The big guy with the dreads who usually has a booth on Ivar sells lavender.

        2. I've found it at Sur la Table, and in bulk at Nicole's in South Pas

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          1. re: patz

            Cool...I was thinking to check Sur la Table and Cost Plus next. Thanks for the suggestions!

            I stopped at the Farmer's Market on Fountain in WeHo this morning, but had no luck. Maybe only the bigger FM (i.e., Santa Monica, Hollywood) carries it.

          2. If you are on the westside: u will find dried lavender in the bulk herbs section at the Santa Monica Co-Op. 16th and Broadway, SM.