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Best cheese at Costco [Moved from General Topics board]

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Any good cheeze finds at costco? Open to all types.

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  1. the manchego is pretty good there and I b elieve they have pretty good cabot cheddar

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      The Cabot 3-year old cheddar at Costco has me hooked even though I'm a New York cheddar fan and distantly related to the cheese McCadams. It has a great tang and that tell-tale crumbly texture.

    2. The big wedges of parmagiano reggiano are good. Cheese selection varies a lot seasonally and at different Costcos, so it's hard to make a general recommendation.

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        Right now they have two types of Italian cheeses ("hard"/"soft") with black truffles...both v. nice....

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          I've bought a bufala mozzarella there that was delicious. running over this week for the truffle cheese

      2. The best cheese I've had from Costco is the Cougar Gold, an excellent sharp white cheddar. The only problem is that it's not always available.

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          Are you in the Pacific NW? My sister last year bought be a large tin-thing of the Cougar cheese and it was fantastic. I've never been able to find it here in nyc.

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            I got this last week. I love it in an omelet, and on a burger. It's good stuff!

          2. I just recently purchased some wonderful Stilton at Costco. We also love the Tillamook Vintage White Cheddar cheese.

            1. Parmigiano Reggiano at $12/lb., very good Grana Padano at $8/lb, 3 large 1# balls of fresh mozzarella for $6 (I only buy during tomato season).

              1. sometimes they have st. andre - a triple cream cheese - wonderful, but usually only around during the holidays. they have a very good aged gouda - also only around the holidays. we too like the cabot sharp chedder, aged 2 years. we just got a delicious roquefort cheese that was yummy. as you can see, we eat alot of cheese :)

                1. I like the blocks of Tillamook extra sharp cheddar as well as sliced Tillamook regular cheddar. Their goat cheese log prices are pretty good but I prefer to buy at TJ's.

                    1. I'm a fan of Kerrygold's Dubliner, and they had big blocks of that in Costco fairly recently, sometime within the last couple months. Probably still do. We've had the manchego too, very good. Have to say we had had both of these before in smaller quantities (try Trader Joe's for that if you have one; they carry both of these, or have in the past). The manchego probably was a different producer, but it was a cheese we had tried previously before buying such a big quantity (usually at least 1.5 lbs worth in those blocks).

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                        The Dubliner's also usually available at Costco here in SF, as well as a British import, "Coastal Cheddar" which is prety good, but I'll still mostly stick with the Cabot for the price and the sharpness.

                        1. re: Xiao Yang

                          I'm in the process of finishing up a block of Coastal Cheddar. I plan to get some more. Good stuff; nice bite to it.

                          In general we've been very pleased with our Costco cheese purchases. One thing to look for is the Petit Basque sheep's milk cheese. It's around half the price of most other places.

                          We also like the Feta in the attractive white container that reminds me of the Greek isles, and also the Grana Padana.

                      2. They often have Rembrandt brand aged gouda...it's a great, nutty cheese and Costco's price can't be beat.

                        1. I have bought blueberry stilton there that is awesome!

                          1. Here in the GTA Costco's sell Balderson's 5 year old white cheddar which is fabulous.


                            1. Delice de Bourgogne, a triple cream. I think it was $9.99 or so...

                                1. Costco has great cheeses at great prices, but I'm partial to the raw milk Gruyères.

                                  1. Comte, Manchego and cave-aged Gruyere

                                    1. We get the Jarlsburg Lite sliced cheese it's great! Also, the feta is very cheap and tasty.

                                      1. For me the Manchego and Dubliner. The Manchego makes a killer grilled cheese with the Boudin sourdough they carry.
                                        I'm not crazy about the parm they carry here.

                                        1. Yancey's Champagne Cheddar is excellent.

                                          1. Horseradish Havarti... they don't have it all the time but I get two whenever I see it.

                                            1. Yeah, the Coastal Cheddar is great - a step above the Cabot (which I buy alternately) and has little calcium crystals that give it a peculiar but satisfying "crunch." Also the Asiago Pressato and the Jarlsberg. I just wish I saw Stilton more often - my Costco is a smaller store and I have to wait for one of their "cheese events" to find the really good stuff.

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                                                what happened to Coastal Cheddar? Been getting it for years. Just got a new block this week that is radically different. No crystals and not as sharp. Very disappointed. Still good but not great anymore. Hope its an aberration.

                                              2. It's very regional, but I'll echo the above posts which mention the Stilton, Dubliner and Vintage White Cheddar from Tillamook -- actually almost anything from Tillamook is great if you're in a region where they carry it. Also the regular Jarlsberg wedge is terrific but I don't think much of the Lite. If you can get the actual Feta from Greece (in a brine tub) it's great; the domestic is just okay.

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                                                  Oh Costco still carries Coastal. I have been buying a block of it a week for years! It is just that it has changed rather drastically. I realize cheese is a food that varies depending on climate etc. etc. but the difference between the last cheese and this one is radical. So much so I wonder if it has been mislabeled and is actually another kind!

                                                2. I just noticed the other day that they carry St. Andre again. Wonderful brie-like cheese that's great on a cracker with a little of the peach salsa that they carry on it.

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                                                    On occassion, they have Point Reyes Blue, totally awesome. I reguarly get Imported parm, Cabot in the black package, aged 36 months, fresh goat and bufflao mozz.

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                                                      I love the Point Reyes Blue. I've never seen it at my Costco (NJ) but did have the opportunity to be a 3lb. wheel thorough Woot! a few years ago. I'll keep looking.

                                                  2. Our favorite everyday cheese is the 3-year Cabot cheddar. Unfortunately the local Costcos (Las Vegas) don't have it -- we can only get it when we're up in the Bay Area. BTW, it's far superior to the 2-year version.