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Dec 2, 2007 03:28 PM

Christmas Eve Dining

Is anyone aware of restaurants that will be open Christmas Eve?Don't feel like cooking the night before Christmas so wanted to do something unsual. Thanks!

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  1. Wife and I have reservations to Central Michel Richard on Christmas Eve. I did the lazy thing and basically went to to check which restaurants were taking reservations for that evening.

    1. Dino is doing the Feast of the Seven Fishes that night. Lots of places are open and my wife and I go out every year -- it's a tradition for us.

      1. Almost all restaurants are open Christmas Eve. Last year we went to Bistro D'Oc that night and had a great dinner at a table by the upstairs fireplace. We were meeting family who had just been to see A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theater across the street. The Cassoulet rocks!

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          Did they have a special menu? One of my favorite restaurants in the city. Seems like it would be nice and cozy for X-mas Eve.

          I'll be a lonely Jew on Christmas :), but I was thinking to get in the holiday spirit I might go down the street to the Tabard Inn on X-mas Eve. Always nice and cozy in the winter time.

          Christmas day of course is Chinese food of some sort.

          Looking at it seems like a lot of restaurants are open....Butterfield 9, Bistro Bis, West End, Hook, Vidalia, Poste to name a few.

          1. re: Elyssa

            No special menu, but then again it was only Xmas Eve. As I stated earlier, EVERY restaurant is open Xmas Eve. Almost every restaurant is closed on Xmas Day, except most chinese joints and hotel restaurants and the few places who's owners would rather be open and make a buck rather than let their staff have the day off.