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Dec 2, 2007 03:21 PM

Any recent reports on Keefer's?

I'm considering a dinner at Keefer's on a Chicago weekend trip in a couple weeks and wonder if anybody's been there recently and can offer some late-breaking intelligence on whether it's worth a visit?

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  1. It's definitely worth a visit. I've been to Keefer's many times (as recently as a few weeks ago) and they consistently cook the steaks -- good quality steaks of course -- properly. Although David Burke's Primehouse is my absolute favorite steakhouse in town (because I prefer dry aged beef), Keefer's is my favorite for wet aged. I also think that Keefer's sides are very good, better than at most steakhouses.

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      While my visit wasn't too terribly recent, I did go in September and had a less than stellar experience. Service was rushed and completely indifferent. Our server laid down our main courses without even looking at us and took off. Our water glasses weren't filled from appetizer to main course. Also, my strip, ordered medium rare, came out on the far side of medium. It did still have good flavor, though. The sides were good, we good some shoestring fries I believe, as well as potato pancake. The calamari apetizer was probably the highlight of the meal, great flavor and not at all greasy.

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        Ate there 3-4 times this year, with my most recent visit in September, have done numerous lunches & dinners always GREAT service and wonderful food.

        In fact, on my last visit they overcooked my steak too. So when the waiter came over to check to see if we were satisfied, I simply informed him of the mistake, and they promptly cooked me a fresh steak AND comp'd me the entire meal!

        These guys are truly a class act and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

    2. Last visit, end of April. High quality as always (3 meals, once per year). Excellent seafood and variety, better than any other steakhouse I've been to. Top pro service. Decor modern, not clubby. Every out-of-town guest, including steakhouse veterans and even those who don't like 'steakhouses', has been positive. Not my favorite traditional Chicago steakhouse - that would be Rosebud on Walton - but pretty great, especially if you want to accomodate seafood lovers.

      1. Thanks for all the input. I just made reservations.