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Dec 2, 2007 02:38 PM

Good Sunday Markets?

Hi all - new to the board here.

I'll be up in NYC this weekend staying on the southern part of the upper east side. On Sundays I like to hit open air markets, in particular farmers markets sprinkled w/artisans, etc. to just walk around, take in the atmosphere, and find something cool (like an artisan cheese, soap, or odd spice) to take home.

Any suggestions given where I'm staying? I'm a DC guy so I'm not too familiar with NY, but more familiar than a stranger (go to the city about 1x year).

SoHo that morning is another option as we're eating brunch down there.



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  1. Most of the great markets you'd probably like are closed on Sunday (Union Square Greenmarket or Essex St. Market).

    Chelsea Market might be fun but it's enclosed and a collection of separate stores, not stalls.

    Perhaps a walk through Chinatown?

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    1. re: kathryn

      In case smokeking wants to consider Chelsea Market, here's the website, which includes a list of the shops:

      Note, also, that while the Union Square Greenmarket is open air, Essex St. Market, like Chelsea, is indoors.

      1. re: RGR

        Thanks all - I've been to the Union Square market many years ago - bummer that it's closed Sunday.

        In all ironies, here in DC all the great markets (and by great they're mediocre at best) are open on Sunday.


    2. The greenmarket at Tompkins Square Park (Ave A and 7th Street) is open on Sunday year-round. It's small but worth checking out if you're in the neighborhood. The greenmarket won't be open on Sunday in Union Square, but the seasonal Christmas market will be open. It's all craft and artisan's work, (not much food) but quite nice. Soho's streets will be filled with street vendors.

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      1. re: nixienox

        And if you're on the east side, the Fetes de Noel outdoor market in Bryant Park will be open on Sunday as well. (Too bad you won't be able to get to Union Square on Saturday -- it's terrific.)

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          Re: the Union Square market: I remember the craft market from 2 years ago. Does that mean the Saturday greenmarket will not be running this weekend? Is it all crafts, or do some of the food vendors still come out on Saturday?

          1. re: moh

            The greenmarket is open as usual Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The holidays market is in a series of tents near 14th Street.