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Dec 2, 2007 02:35 PM

NY Style Bakery in TAMPA?

Anyone aware of a NY Style bakery in the city of Tampa. I am aware of Alessi, but i'm searching for those bakeries with lots of fresh bread choices, pastries, cookies and cakes, the kind you pick a few Eclairs, have them put in a white cardboard box, and wrapped with they exist in the city of Tampa?

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  1. Not exactly. Pane Rustica has loads of house-baked bread, and good cookies and breakfast pastries and cupcakes, but no eclairs or other french pastries. Chocolate Pi has nice (and pricey) french pastries, but nothing else. Try Kalupas--they have all of the above, although I think you're better off sticking to their donuts and danish. Actually, try them all, b/c while it won't be one stop shopping, you will leave happy.

    1. Have you tried La Segunda Bakery - Ybor City, but north of I-4, it is a Cuban Bakery. Not too much choice on breads, but lots of pastries, cookies. White cardboard box - yes. String- no.