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Dec 2, 2007 02:31 PM

Waterfront Dining in TAMPA.

What happened to waterfront dining in the city of Tampa? R.I.P. Rattlefish, Whiskey Joe's, Crawdaddy's. So far the only decent food I can get with waterfront views in the city of Tampa is Oystercatchers??? Anything else available that im missing(so so food can eb found at Castaway, Crabby Bill's, Baham Breeze, Rusty Pelican, Landry's, Jackson's, Cafe Dufrain, Collanade, Boston's)

With a Bay as big as it is, you would think the city of Tampa would have more eating establishments on the water. Anyone?

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  1. I'd suggest you do a little research and then drive down to Sarasota and have dinner at Marina Jack's or any of the lovely places on Anna Maria , Lido or Longboat keys.

    1. Well, you just named 10 places on the water...I agree with you that none of them are awesome, but waterfront real estate costs big $$. Since Tampa isn't much of a tourist town, restaurateurs are better off spending money on food, staff and interior design, confident that the locals will find them even off the water. It's only a bummer to me when we have guests from out of town--waterfront is what they want.

      1. Hey all,

        Whiskey Joe's is BACK!

        Come visit us as we re-open on October 29th 2008. We are right around the corner from the old location.

        7720 W Courtney Campbell Causeway
        Tampa, FL 33607


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        1. re: WhiskeyJoes

          what changes have been made? re-model? new menu?

          1. re: WhiskeyJoes

            Woohoo, I'm excited! Just hope it doesn't become a Bahama Breeze II. That was the place to go in college, so I can't say the I ate there much, but loved the atmosphere.

            1. re: rikkikm

              I used to go there a lot on Sunday nights for reggae about 12 years ago.

              1. re: rhnault

                Sunday Raggae was GREAT at Whiskey Joe's! Wow am I old...I hope they still have a nice deck on the water, and the Burgers were pretty good from what I remember.

                1. re: rshally

                  The only thing I ever remember eating there are steamed shrimp and maybe oysters once. But it was fun there and close to home.

              2. re: rikkikm

                Thanks for the WooooHooooo!!!!
                Bahama Breeze II......???? Not.

                Hey; it's great to see the excitement about our reopening.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I hear it's at the old Castaway site on the Causeway. Great location, so so restaurant.
                I sure hope they bring reggae nights back.