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Dec 2, 2007 01:58 PM

Thermador 48" pro grand range: worth it?

We recently purchased a home which came with the very impressive and expensive Thermador 48" professional grand range. To our dismay, it almost immediately began to have problems (smell of gas, Grill doesn't work , two burners choose when to spark when not to spark, intermittent sparking in the oven, oven not working etc.) Called a local appliance service company and technicians without really examining the range disdainfully informed us that this range was trouble, that the previous owner had had the "computer " replaced and diagnosed the same problem (up to 2 500 in repairs and no warranty). Does anyone have experience with this range and could you please give us some advice? Are the technicians incompetent? is the range inherently a bad product as some online reviews suggest? Is it worth it to spend 2500 in repairs or should we scrap this range and start with a different product?

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  1. Heat and digital electronics don't do well together, in my experience. I have had to spend about $1,500 on my thermador double oven. That said, I have a four burner thermador cooktop that has worked without problems. And, I have a thermador dishwasher that has never broken down but never really cleaned TOO well. Same goes for my Bosche washer and dryer and sub-zero fridge. I should have bought a Maytag. Well, a Maytag for everything but the cooktop. Mine is older though and may not have as many troublesome electronics,

    1. We have the dual fuel version of the same range (sounds like yours is the all-gas model). We installed it about 4 years ago and have had a couple of maintenance calls, but nothing that I would consider greatly out of the ordinary. Both were related to the spark igniters, which on ours only involves the stove top burners. The last call, about a year ago, resulted in replacing one of the spark modules (not sure if that's the right name, or if that's what they're calling the "computer"), but the cost was nowhere near $2,500 (!) - I seem to recall something like $150. I would say overall we've been reasonably satisfied with the range, but if I were buying again I'd be inclined to go with another brand, not because of the repair record but because I don't care for the on/off cycling simmer burners.

      I really don't have an answer to whether the fix is "worth it" for you. I suppose if it really fixes the problem, then you've spent less than a new 48" range would cost - but it sounds like that's a big "if." The first thing I'd do in your shoes is to get another appliance technician to look at it, and I'd start by calling Thermador to discuss the situation and get them to recommend a factory-certified technician. I certainly wouldn't get anything done for $2,500 - on our range or anything else - without some sort of guarantee that the problem was fixed. FWIW, the techs that worked on our range didn't indicate that there was any fundamental flaw with the design of the product.