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Dec 2, 2007 01:46 PM

Romantic upscale dining around Dearborn and Ohio

Have reservations at Everest for Saturday night....but am thinking that we would rather stay dine and wine in the area around the apartment we are renting for the weekend. We will be staying on Dearborn, near Ohio. Was thinking Blue Water Grill....but not interested in lots of noise....and Pops afterwards?

Any suggestions would be helpful!
Mary T

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  1. You'll be hard pressed to find anything quiet near Dearborn and Ohio on a Saturday night! Sorry:)

    I would stick with Everest or head west to A Tavola which is more low key and romantic.

    1. Blue Water Grill recently changed chefs, so I don't know what the food is like now. In the past it has had tasty food. It is always loud in there at dinner though, especially on the weekends. It also tries to be very trendy.

      Naha is not too far from there (Clark and Grand). The food is wonderful, but I've only been for lunch so I don't know what the noise level is like on a weekend evening.

      Kevin (Hubbard and State) has very good food, but probably not as good as Naha. It's never been particularly loud in the there when I've been there. I have had two of the best desserts I've ever eaten there, but they were both a while ago, and I can't vouch for whether the same pastry chef is still there.

      1. Pops is crazy busy on weekend nights

        1. I would try Crofton on Wells...always a great date spot.