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Dec 2, 2007 01:35 PM

Can you still buy raw milk in the Boston area?

Does anyone know anywhere I could buy raw milk on a regular basis? I live in Burlington and I'd love to find it again. I grew up on it and it's so good and grassy and herbaceous and fresh and clean that supermarket milk can't compete - plus I'd like to shorten my food chain where ever I can.


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  1. Just Dairy Farm Direct Buying Club is a buying club which buys raw milk directly from Chase Hill Dairy, Robinson Farm and Rocky Acres Farm, They are now accepting new members if you can pick up your orders in any of the locations they have. Check out the site.

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      Infomaniac beat me to it. Yes, for the time being we can still buy raw milk. You should also check out A Campaign for Raw Milk. A bill has already passed in the House that would make it illegal even to sell raw milk directly to consumers.

      1. re: vonwotan

        Thank you very much the both of you. I'm off to the farm - and I'll write my rep, too.

    2. There is a buying co-op I used to belong to with pickup in Tewksbury, which might be convenient for you. If interested, contact

      1. I buy raw milk from Lawton Family Farm in Foxboro - right next to Gillette stadium. It's wonderful, and it lasts so much longer than processed milk so you can stock up. You can email them your order and typically pick it up the next day, "fresh squeezed"! :)

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          lawton milk is supreme. be aware, it aint cheap. i bought some for people at work who nearly had a stroke that it runs 8-9 dollars a gallon. try to give her 10.

        2. Two interesting articles about Stilton (“Stichelton” made with raw milk and the advantages of using raw milk.

          New York Times, A Blue Blood New in Name Only

          Financial Times, In a Different Vein

          1. I just received an email re a source for raw milk and remembered this inquiry. Paskamansett Farms in Dartmouth MA (508) 990 7859 is listed as a "raw milk dairy farm." If you call them they may tell you if their milk can be obtained in any retail stores.

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              I believe MA law prohibits farmers from selling raw milk in stores; you have to pick it up directly from the farm.

              This link lists MA farms that are certified to sell raw milk: