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Dec 2, 2007 12:54 PM

Restaurant choices close to Marriott Metro Center

Don't want to stray too far from the hotel this Thursday since we'll be at a conference all day and tired out. I have an affinity for a good steakhouse but any interesting suggestions will be appreciated.


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  1. Although it's not a steakhouse per se, Brasserie Beck has a great steak on its permanent menu and has had another one on the specials list at least once when we've been there. They do a fine job of it.
    Beck is at 11th and K, NW, only 3 blocks from your hotel which is at 12th and H.
    The bar area is tragically noisy but the tables a bit farther back in the restaurant are comfortable, the service is excellent, the list of Belgian beers topnotch, and the side dishes won't disappoint. I'm always too full to try dessert but they look wonderful. None of us has had a disappointing meal here yet except that I don't like the shrimp croquettes. The bread basket more than makes up for them though.

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      Beck has some great food you can't easily find elsewhere. A smart choice.

    2. I am at a conference for grant recipients Wednesday and Thursday night, you too? I was searching the boards for a good spot - thought I might try Bistro Bis or Bistro D'Oc which are close and not too far. I enjoy good service, excellent foods (good wines a must) and a comfortable atmosphere. Hounders have any other suggestions? Eddiep - let me know if you are at the same meeting and maybe we can head out together.

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        You certainly can't go wrong with either Bistro Bis or Bistro D'Oc (which is probably closer). Both serve delicious cuisine, have good service, and are perfect if you are dining alone. Bistro D'Oc is more classic french bistro cuisine, while I would put Bistro Bis in the solid French category (although there are some crossovers and competition on both menus for the best french onion soup :) ) At Bistro D'Oc they have a delicious steak frites for a not to expensive price.

        Another excellent restaurant nearby is Butterfield 9 for a yummy seasonal menu. It's a bit on the higher end depending on what you order but not too bad and totally worth it.

        You are also pretty close to Gallery Place/Chinatown/Penn Quarter which has a ton of dining options. I would recommend Jaleo for great tapas, Proof if you are into wine and cheese, Zola, which has good food with a sexy James Bond/spy theme, PS7 for a chic, inventive menu or Acadiana for a cajun-influenced menu.

      2. Ah, I was beat to the punch as Elyssa mentionedMetro Center is also very close to the Gallery Place/Chinatown area if you do a quick search their are tons of places there. Proof is a nice but very crowded wine bar, Zola has a decent wine list, Poste as well. (For the recent poster)

        I really enjoyed Brasserie Beck, and they have some nice wine along with their beer selection (I don't drink beer although I tried a few that weren't so bad there), it is a great winter spot I think. And great solo as they have a nice bar.

        If you really want steak, Charlie Palmer isn't too far away but you would want to cab. And you might be a little beat for that. For OP.

        1. Bobby Van's is about a block and a half up the street on 12th and NY. Not my favorite DC steak, but usually solid.

          1. Is the Caucus Room still open? Haven't heard about it in quite a while, but it's a steakhouse and located nearby. Honestly, I've only ever been there for drinks.

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              Still least I've seen it on OpenTable. I haven't eaten there myself so I can't recommend it one way or another but I'm almost positive it's still open.