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Dec 2, 2007 12:51 PM

Arriving in the 1e late...dinner?

We will be travelling to Paris over the holidays and will be arriving late in the afternoon, staying at Hotel Therese, in the 1e. Does anyone know of a great place for dinner in the 1e? We don't want anything to pricey/fancy, as after all our travelling, I know we'll be exhausted once we do arrive. Any rec's? Also, is Le Grand Colbert THAT bad/touristy? Thanks

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  1. A difficult arrondissement for simple and inexpensive. I advise against Lescure.
    I like light stuff when I am tired. A possibiity is in the 1e is Le Souffle-mostly (but not all) souffle appetizers, souffle plats and souffle desserts-excellent, old-fashioned and fairly moderate (menus at 30 and 33).
    Pudlo likes L'Ardoise (menu at 31) and L'Argenteuil (menu at 29.50) and says both are good value, but I have not tried either.

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      1. I stayed in Hotel Therese for 2 weeks in September 2004 and liked it very much. Willi's wine bar is in walking distance and quite good. If you choose to go there reserve in advance, it is fairly small. The front desk at Therese made numerous reservation for me in advance of arrival.

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          Another wine bar near your hotel is Juveniles, 47 rue de Richelieu, with good food (two prix-fixe menus starting at 18E) and open til 11 pm.