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Dec 2, 2007 11:49 AM

Vegetarian restaurants in DC?

Hi any recommendations for good vegetarian restaurants in DC? Nothing fancy but healthy and fast. I just got back after being a year away in Austin, Texas for work. I dearly miss all the great vegetarian offerings in Austin (like Kerby Lane Cafe and Mr. Natural).

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  1. Here are some I like: Java Green (veggie/vegan cafe); Vegetate (veggie/vegan restaurant); Nirvana (vegetarian Indian cuisine on K. St); Teaism (excellent veggie options).

    Here is a list from Happy Cow:

    There are scads of restaurants with veggie options; the above listings are my favorites that are in DC and meet your specification of "nothing fancy but healthy and fast". There is also a health food store on Georgia Avenue (Everlasting Life--it is on the list from Happy Cow) that has a juice bar with the most SENSATIONAL cashew coconut milk smoothies!!!!


    PS I used to live in Austin 20+ years ago--so glad that the Kerby Lane Cafe is still there!

    1. Butterfield 9 has a very good looking vegetarian menu. They have a seperate tasting menu for vegetarians and then at least 2 or 3 options in the appetizers and entrees with each menu. Nice, relaxing dinning room with good service and fresh, seasonal cuisine. It's on the more moderate to higher end but it's also open for lunch. Great choice!

      I find Indian cuisine is usually vegetarian friendly. I really like Heritage in Dupont Circle personally. Especially this great creamed spinach type dish.

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        Nirvana on K st. between 18th & 19th is vegetarian, has a good lunchtime buffet. I second Java Green, mentioned above. Good wraps & soups, which are particularly good on a cold day.

      2. Sunflower is excellent. I go to the one in Vienna every time I visit my friend in Fairfax.

        There's another in Falls Church and we've eaten there too. Get the General Tso's Tofu, it's sooooo good.