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Dec 2, 2007 11:43 AM

recs for cookbooks w/easy everyday recipes bordering on the healthy

I need recommendations for a cookbook for someone who appreciates good food but doesn't want to put much time and effort into cooking with which she has little experience. She has little patience for sourcing ingredients, although would likely be less intimidated by Asian ingredients. And she just got married to someone who likes to eat fairly light for everyday meals. I was thinking of Everyday Food from Martha Stewart, and maybe one other title. Suggestions, anyone? Has anyone looked at Real Food by Rocco?

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  1. My mom uses the Joanna Lund cookbooks regularly. The recipes are low fat and heart healthy. Easy to use and tasty.

    1. Jane Brody's cookbooks are usually pretty healthy and pretty tasty.

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        I agree - I have three of them, and while I don't cook much from them now (I should!), I used to.

      2. Jacques Pepin's Fast Food My Way

        I think Everyday Food magazine is a great idea.

        1. Best of Cooking Light

          1. Moosewood Restaurant Low-fat Favorites is good