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Dec 2, 2007 11:08 AM

Sauteed chicken--to crisp up skin???

I'm sauteeing chicken thighs in wine.

I do dredge them first in AP flour and S&P, and the color is always where I want it when they're done. We like the flavor and texture of the meat, but the skin tends to be soggy (like a fricasee) for us.

I don't know whether a high oven briefly would dry them out, or if a couple minutes under the broiler would burn the skin (due to residue sugar from the wine).

What do you do? Thanks.

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  1. I boost it up for a quick broil to crisp the skin....My oven fried chicken never gets crispy, so the last few minutes are spent under the broiler....

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    1. re: smalt

      Smalt, I really want your recipe for oven fried chicken. Really

      1. re: dutchdot

        Dutchdot, is it a sin to share it here? I do a variation on the Williams-Sonoma fried chicken found here:

        I increase the cayenne, decrease the salt, sprinkle on both sides and under the skin of chicken thighs and let it sit overnight, then soak in buttermilk for up to 5 days. I bread it in a mix of cracker meal crumbs and flour, put it on a baking rack set in a 13 x 9 pan, spray liberally with Pam to moisten, then bake at 400 for 35 mins, move up to a broiler and broil till skin gets golden and crunchy.

        Just had this for dinner last night. :-)

      2. re: smalt

        Okay, thank you, smalt. I'll try that tonight.

        Oh, and thanks for posting the other recipe--glad to have that, too!

      3. IMO, skin in a wet method recipe is superfluous. Thighs have so much gelatin-making connective tissue- you don't need the skin for flavor.

        That said, I like to remove the skin and fry it on it's own until deep brown.

        mmmmmm, cracklin's.

        1. MaggieRSN, how did it turn out?

          JulieTG: chicken thighs with the skin on for flavor? I leave it on to keep the chicken moist (although that's the buttermilk soak's job!) and I'm just too lazy - not to mention that my dining partners take the skin off and give it to ME! :-D (Oven)fried chicken without the skin isn't (oven)fried chicken!

          dutchdot: did you try it?

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            Sure, fried skin, yum. But sauteed/braised skin that hasn't been browned? Yuck.