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Dec 2, 2007 10:44 AM

Chow Mein (Seattle)

Am looking for a good place in Seattle (or close to Seattle) for old-fashioned Cantonese-style (yes, I know it really isn't Cantonese) chow mein--preferably chicken or pork. Soft noodles with a little crispiness. Goopy. Lots of flavor. This was the comfort food of my childhood; haven't had it for years.

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  1. Well this should be interesting....I'm not big on the chow mein in Seattle....We go to Hong's Garden in Renton or South China in Bellevue for chicken chow mein.....At least they seem to put more "guts" in their chow mein - celery, bean sprouts, chicken.....

    I had heard that the Hong's Garden folks bought out the 663 Bistro place on Weller, but I haven't been there yet......

    1. Just to be clear... are you looking for the yellow noodles that are usually stir fried with carrots and celery and some other stuff (what most people think about when they hear "chow mein"), or are you looking for are you looking for the those thinner egg noodles that are (deep) fried until crisp, then topped off with a saucy stir-fry mixture of meat & veggies right befor serving - making the noodles crunchy-soft? (kind of called "house noodles" in chinese?)

      It sounds to me like you are in search of the latter, and if so, I like the "house noodles" at Top Gun in Factoria and some shops in Chinatown, namely Hing Loong and Purple Dot.

      Good luck!

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        Not yellow. Not deep fried ala Chun King. Light tan or light beige. Most probably pan fried lightly and then sauced. Often has the words "sub gum" in the menu. Never knew what that meant . . .

        1. re: PAO

          I've always liked the chow mien at Tai Tung... It's the comfort food of my youth. They do have sub gum on the menu. At least at TT the subgum means diced carrots, peas, almonds and chicken. The standard crispy noodles sound like what you are describing; noodles that have been fried until many parts are crispy then topped with sauce/ingredients. They will also make it with soft noodles if you like. The soft noodles are all soft.

      2. Classic Cantonese (or Hong Kong) style chow mein is a bed of deep fried crispy noodles with meats and veggies on top. This is called "both sides yellow" (liang mien hwang) in chinese.

        1. PAO ... I know what you are looking for, exactly, it's not "authentic" but is that lovely noodle dish we used to have along side our sweet n' sour pork as kids ... Sichuan Cuisine on Jackson does a pretty good job at this. The noodles are soft, there is some "sauce" but just enough to do the job w/o becoming gooey & gross ... sometimes I eat there w/ kids who just insist & then I end up picking at it myself.

          1. Hey PAO try the Honey Court in the international district, it is very authentic, and well priced - awesome for Dim Sum. Anyway - the house special chow mein "hong kong style" is exactly what you described! Making me hungry thinking about it!