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Dec 2, 2007 09:33 AM

new bistro on Lee Highway in Arlington - Anyone know anything?

dying for a decent local place to get a glass of wine and dinner that we could walk to, restaurant vero is consistently disappointing.

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  1. Consider The Bistro des Celestins at 6876 Lee Highway. It's not the best bistro in the DC area but we have never been disappointed there. The tarte tatin is VERY good. May not be walking distance from wherever you are but it's closer than downtown.

    1. A few weeks ago there was a sign up with the name of Yorktown Bistro -- I assume you are talking about the strip of shops with Carribean Grill in it at the corner of Lee Hwy and Geoarge Mason?? The website is but the site is not operational yet. It looks as if it could be promising, we will all have to go and try it out and report back. A sign in the window today said it was open, but not sure if that really was the case.

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        there is a thread on yorktown bistro

      2. Saw the Yorktown under construction the other day and also am curious. I'd like to hear more about why Vero is a disappointment-- is it the food or the wine? Never been there as we tried twice and it was overcrowded...

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          I've had some good food at Vero, but ever since they expanded, the place is so darn LOUD you can't hear yourself think.