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Dec 2, 2007 08:52 AM

Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights

I know its a bit soon to have experienced Espresso 77, but since they had their grand opening on this snowy Sunday morning, I was wondering if any of the neighborhood folk have tried it yet. It was very crowded this morning, so I opted to to give it a try on another occasion.

Anyone try it yet?

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  1. i walked by very early this AM and it looked close to open, but the brown paper was still over the windows....can't wait to try it. maybe on the way home from work. met the folks behind the venture at the jackson heights fest a few weeks back and they seemed really sweet and eager to open a quality biz...fingers crossed for them!

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    1. Finally, since moving to JH's, I had an excellent double Espresso. I'll be a regular.

      1. re: Mike V

        Yes, we agree -- an excellent addition to the neighborhood! I walked by a few times today and the crowds were larger each time, as I gather word of mouth spread that it was open.

        I had what was truly an excellent double espresso, and DH had a macchiatto that was prepared wonderfully, with just a touch of foam. We also split a delicious triple chocolate chip cookie.

        1. re: rosehill

          I went in later this afternoon and really liked the interior, they did a really good job. I had a cappuccino which reminded me of my trip to some the coffee houses in Seattle. My SO had the hot chocolate and found it to have a real creamy chocolate flavor. This place is going to do real well!

    2. I stopped by 77 today and am very happy to have it in the neighborhood. It is an independent shop, but they get all their coffee from Gimme Coffee. The Gimme Coffee in Williamsburg is one of my favorite coffee houses in the city, so I'm really happy to have their product in our hood. By the time we got there in the evening there was a line and all of the seating was taken, but it would definitely be a nice place to hang out if you can get one of the 6 or 7 small tables. They didn't have it yet, but they said that they would start selling beans next week. Awesome.

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      1. re: Dave_G

        Gimme = 1 wwek after roast = sent to 77 = stale

        1. re: NYJewboy

          I have stayed away from the discussion so far and I will not add any further - but I must comment here. Gimme roasts to order for us - we get it 2 days after they roast it and it goes quickly.
          Please don't post things that aren't true.
          Julie, Owner of E77

          1. re: JulesNYC

            I stand corrected! I am a huge fan of Gimmie's roasts and roaster. I thought I tasted staleness in your shot, but obviously that wasn't it. It could have been me, the machine, the barista, or the temp., or...whatever momentary thing came by. I will not judge upon that. I will come back (and not introduce myself at this point!). If I like, I promise to post.

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        1. Add me to the list of Espresso 77 fans. I went in today for a latte and a scone -- both were delicious. I highly recommend the rosemary walnut scone. It was just moist enough without tipping into muffin territory.

          I felt a bit silly though -- I was practically gushing to the barista about how happy I was that they'd finally opened. But I really am that happy about it. It's a great addition to the neighborhood and I love that it's owned by people who live here.

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