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Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights

I know its a bit soon to have experienced Espresso 77, but since they had their grand opening on this snowy Sunday morning, I was wondering if any of the neighborhood folk have tried it yet. It was very crowded this morning, so I opted to to give it a try on another occasion.

Anyone try it yet?

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  1. i walked by very early this AM and it looked close to open, but the brown paper was still over the windows....can't wait to try it. maybe on the way home from work. met the folks behind the venture at the jackson heights fest a few weeks back and they seemed really sweet and eager to open a quality biz...fingers crossed for them!

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    1. re: orzabelle

      Finally, since moving to JH's, I had an excellent double Espresso. I'll be a regular.

      1. re: Mike V

        Yes, we agree -- an excellent addition to the neighborhood! I walked by a few times today and the crowds were larger each time, as I gather word of mouth spread that it was open.

        I had what was truly an excellent double espresso, and DH had a macchiatto that was prepared wonderfully, with just a touch of foam. We also split a delicious triple chocolate chip cookie.

        1. re: rosehill

          I went in later this afternoon and really liked the interior, they did a really good job. I had a cappuccino which reminded me of my trip to some the coffee houses in Seattle. My SO had the hot chocolate and found it to have a real creamy chocolate flavor. This place is going to do real well!

    2. I stopped by 77 today and am very happy to have it in the neighborhood. It is an independent shop, but they get all their coffee from Gimme Coffee. The Gimme Coffee in Williamsburg is one of my favorite coffee houses in the city, so I'm really happy to have their product in our hood. By the time we got there in the evening there was a line and all of the seating was taken, but it would definitely be a nice place to hang out if you can get one of the 6 or 7 small tables. They didn't have it yet, but they said that they would start selling beans next week. Awesome.

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      1. re: Dave_G

        Gimme = 1 wwek after roast = sent to 77 = stale

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          I have stayed away from the discussion so far and I will not add any further - but I must comment here. Gimme roasts to order for us - we get it 2 days after they roast it and it goes quickly.
          Please don't post things that aren't true.
          Julie, Owner of E77

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            I stand corrected! I am a huge fan of Gimmie's roasts and roaster. I thought I tasted staleness in your shot, but obviously that wasn't it. It could have been me, the machine, the barista, or the temp., or...whatever momentary thing came by. I will not judge upon that. I will come back (and not introduce myself at this point!). If I like, I promise to post.

      2. Add me to the list of Espresso 77 fans. I went in today for a latte and a scone -- both were delicious. I highly recommend the rosemary walnut scone. It was just moist enough without tipping into muffin territory.

        I felt a bit silly though -- I was practically gushing to the barista about how happy I was that they'd finally opened. But I really am that happy about it. It's a great addition to the neighborhood and I love that it's owned by people who live here.

        1. Jennsch- I am glad I was not the only one gushing. I was practically squealing as I ordered a large assortment of baked goods. I'm a huge Ambrosia fan having bought their goods at Farm spot. I was a little disappointed to see how marked up the baked goods were compared to that but I guess they have to do it. My SO stopped by shortly after for a regular (well, bold) coffee and reported that it was 15 cents cheaper than Dunkin Donuts. He isn't exactly an afficianado but he noted how strong it was (in a good way).

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          1. re: ZestyZ

            Ah, good. I'm so glad there's another gushing customer out there. And I can't wait to go back for more...that latte really was one of the best I've ever had.

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              Espresso 77 just opened and it's a success. It's everything that I had hoped it would be. Incredible espresso & coffee and everything else looks great. I was going to make a suggestion to the owner but would like some feedback first. Remove the two chairs and table at the window and replace it with a counter. Visually, it appears it could accomodate 6 chairs. This would provide 4 badly needed seats. Plus it's more fun sitting at the window looking out at the Street and it would be more appealing to someone who enters alone who feels guilty taking a table. Your thoughts?

              1. re: Mike V

                Solos shouldn't feel guilty taking a table; if someone comes in and needs a seat, you can always offer to share. (In fact, the place is small, so I think politeness requires that when it is full up those at tables with extra seats offer to share if needed).

          2. Finally got a chance to check this place out on Sunday. Quaint little place that serves good coffee, and a decent selection of scones/muffins etc. It's really small, and really bright which made it kind of uncomfortable to stay there for long, but the coffee/food/service are all right on. It's a good addition to the 'hood.

            1. I passed by Espresso 77 on Sunday (12/9) to meet a friend - we're both happy that this place finally opened - it's a great addition to the neighborhood - I did wish there were more space so one can lounge around and sit longer even when it gets busy. In any case, the mocha I had was good and the latte my friend had was good too. The interior was nice as well. I'll try some of their baked goods when I pass by this weekend.

              1. I checked it out this afternoon. I got the espresso and, um, it was good. Especially considering what most cafes serve as espresso. However, I don't get why they only sell "double" and "quadruple" espressos, especially since they seem to be somewhat serious about coffee. For instance, they're spending more $ for Gimme coffee beans as well as a La Marzocco machine. I asked for a short pull, a ristretto espresso, or at least just a single. The lady told me that all their shots are ristretto, but they just just make it a double. Um, okay. The barista seemed to have decent skills, but I think he could have put more pressure into the tamping, and didn't bother polishing the surface of the grounds. There was a good amount of crema, though it looked too light in color. After getting through the crema, there was still at least 1.5 ounces of liquid left, which is a bit too much and unbalanced for me (picky picky). The flavor was just slighty sour, not bitter, but not very complex either.

                Anyway, I'm glad someone is making a decent espresso in Queens, and it's probably the best you can get within 4 miles. I just wish that they'd go more hardcore. They've got good beans and a good machine. They need to work on the barista skills some more and start making true single espressos. I agree that they need better lighting (dimmer and warmer). I don't think that the space is too small, considering that it is NYC, but it should be better utilized.

                1. Has anyone ever tried a soy milk latte at Espresso 77? I absolutely love their coffee, but having it prepared with regular milk does a job on my stomach because of the lactose. I'm thinking that a soy milk latte may be better for me, but am concerned that I may be sacrificing flavor.

                  1. i tried this for the first time on sunday. the space is cute and cozy though i agree, dimmer lighting and a few more tables would be nice. i can't speak to the coffee because i don't drink it (had tea instead), but i tried a mozzarella and tomato panini. it was disappointing, and i told the owner so. the tomatoes were very underripe and they made the bread watery and soggy (they left about two tablespoons worth of water at the bottom of my dish). i had to pull out some because they were just unappetizing. i suggested sundried tomatoes instead. also, it needs some flavor--maybe with pesto or balsamic vinaigrette.

                    they gave out free samples of the lemon-ginger scone and pumpkin muffin, however, and both were very good. maybe i'll just stick to the baked goods next time, but it would be nice if they offered great panini as well. right now i wouldn't order it again if it stayed the same.

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                    1. re: cupcakeparade

                      Cupcake: Espresso 77 is all about coffee. The regular coffee is consistently good and reasonable at $1.50 considering the exceptional quality. The Espresso is also very good but at $2.17 for a few sips is over priced. It was crowded on Saturday so I went to Ledy's and was surprised at the quality and quantity of the Espresso. It was $1.85 (no tax) and the espresso cup was filled to the top. However, Ledy's regular coffee dosen't come close to Espresso 77. I'm told that the Panini sandwiches at the place next door to Taco Bell on 83rd St & 37th Ave are very good.

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                        i like espresso77, but to be honest i'm a bit shocked by the prices, which are actually higher than manhattan prices for things like the espresso drinks. this seems silly in my opinion. why should we have to pay more than manhattan prices for that kind of quality, considering that the rent out here might be expensive, but is still less than in manhattan?

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                          Mike, espresso shouldn't be any larger than 1 to 1.5 oz. for a double, and if it is, then it's being made wrong. The biggest problem I've found with espresso in Queens is that the barista (typically in a Greek cafe) will leave the machine on for over a minute and fill a mug with weak, bitter brew. A barista should never leave a machine on for more than 30 seconds unless s/he's deliberately pulling a ristretto with a very fine grind.

                          As for the price, well, in NYC, a good espresso costs $2.00--that's the going rate at Grumpy, 9th Street, Everyman, Gimme--anywhere decent at least.

                      2. I've just moved to 79th street (from Chelsea and am very excited about it) 2 weeks ago & on my first morning there I went to 77 (because of Chowhound) & have gone back whenever i can - the coffee (bold) is excellent, the best I've had in the neighborhood, and the scones are delicious - try the fig/blue cheese/bacon - it sounds interesting but it tastes amazing.

                        Great ambiance (if hard to get tables sometimes), pleasant service (i'm treated as if i have been going there for ages), tasty food.

                        Although I'm thrilled with all the ethinicty going on in the neighborhood, 77 is the place I'm making my Cheers in JH.

                        1. Has anyone tried the soups and sandwiches at Espresso 77?

                          Edited: I just read cupcakeparade's comments on my question. Anyone else have comments to share?

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                            I've had the chicken salad wrap (loved it and you can taste the chicken, not just that you're eating something with mayonnaise). I've also had a chicken panini that was excellent. Yummy and filling. I tried a soup and liked it, but don't remember what it was -- this was more than a month ago. I work in the city, but wish I could do some kind of Espresso 77 brown bag lunch every day, eg stop for coffee in the am and pick up a lunch to go.

                            I think it's only on weekends and it may have just been an experiment, but they were selling croissants from Cannelle for a while.

                            1. re: amandaj

                              Thanks for the head's up on the Cannelle croissants Amanda. I didn't know they were doing this, even on an experimental basis. It would have saved me all my trips to Cannelle just for croissants.

                          2. If anyone from 77 is reading...
                            Ambrosia's stuff is good but the baked goods from Cannelle Patisserie, just a few blocks away in northern JHts, are *great*. Really great traditional French bread and pastry. You should sell them.

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                              OMG! If Espresso 77 were to do this, my waistline would be in major trouble as I live right up the street from them.

                              1. re: SBJH

                                I disagree; I love the baked goods at both Cannelle and Lety's, but both are more "traditional" tastes. When I want a cannolli, I go to Canelle or Lety's. When I want a chocolate cherry scone or a ginger molasses cookie with a real kick, I want Ambrosia. Their baking is very creative. (I've gotten kind of evangelical with the ginger molasses cookies...)

                                1. re: worldwidedeborah

                                  I guess then that we can agree to disagree. After trying a few of the Ambrosia offerings, I discovered that they're just O.K. and pretty expensive. Their scones are a bit on the oily side and leave a greasy residue. The rosemary scone is much too dry. Too much inconsistency going on with the baking. Again, I find it just O.K. and really don't understand the hype behind the products. There's a brownie that I like though, but then again, I adore chocolate!

                                  1. re: sandrina

                                    that's funny (not ha-ha variety), sandrina. i really adore the ambrosia scones, particularly the savory ones. then again, bacon elevates any breakfast pastry one notch in my book :)

                              2. I strongly disagree. I tried this place and was shocked how expensive it was and how bad the espresso is. For Starbucks prices they sure are doing a good job of producing that nasty bitter burnt taste that SBUX is known for. The double shot in everything is a bit over the top and shows how their shots are of poor quality. If they're thrying to imitate Shock in Woodside with the overcaffienated lattes thats fine but this place is far from gourmet espresso. I'd rather pay half the price at a Italian cafe or bakery and get quality Espresso like Illy or Lavaza prepared the traditional way.

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                                1. re: fcara

                                  I find Lety's to have a more social vibe, better coffee, and baked goods. Of course, it could be a personal perference if you are going for the hipster set vs the baby boomers.

                                  1. re: foodforthought2

                                    Lety's baked items are wonderful, but the coffee is not

                                    1. re: orzabelle

                                      I've have Ledy's double espresso on a regular basis and it's very good. Much better then when they first opened. The regular coffee is not so good. I use to look forward to Espresso 77 Sumatra coffee but they no longer have it.

                                      1. re: Mike V

                                        I had Lety's today, and they have definitely made the expresso drinks much stronger.

                                          1. re: Will4Food

                                            Lety's Bakery is on the north side of 37th Avenue, between 77th and 78th Streets in Jackson Heights.

                                            1. re: sandrina

                                              Does anyone know if Espresso 77 has soy milk?

                                              1. re: HONDO

                                                Hondo, they do offer soy milk, and I believe they may charge 50 cents extra for it.

                                  1. re: HONDO

                                    O.K. so today I decided to experiment and went ahead and ordered a soy milk latte. I have to admit that I've been a bit apprehensive about doing so, simply because I was concerned that the soy milk would overpower the flavor of the coffee. I went ahead and ordered a large...it was delicious! I can't tell you how happy I am that now I can have my latte and enjoy it too! No more worries about lactose. YEAH! The shots of espresso are so flavorful that I didn't even give a second thought to the fact that it was prepared with soy milk. Like I stated above, I ordered a large, so I assume that the small latte is even more infused with the wonderful flavor of their coffee. By the way, not only was my latte delicious...it was beautifully frothy as well!

                                    1. re: sandrina

                                      just have to say that I love the fact that this is a small independent cafe and still seemingly doing okay with Starbucks now a block away. One not though is the owner ( new mother) has a real attitude and is a bit too pushy. Hate to give $$ to Starbucks but she needs to learn to be a bit more concious of the vibe she gives off.....if she is in there I walk on by...to Starbucks

                                      1. re: jimbonyc

                                        I don't hate to give money to Starbucks, based a lot on the fact that they have good benefits for employees, and I recently heard a story of one ex-employee who got hurt on the job and was pretty well taken care of. I can understand the whole "corporation vs. small business thing" But, not all corps are huge monsters and not all mom and pops are filled with wonderful people. I go to both places for different reasons.

                                        1. re: foodforthought2

                                          It's certainly best to be able to judge a place by the food, but I know what you mean when someone working or owning a place just kinda turns you off for whatever reason. Maybe they treat their employees great, and they're a louse to their spouse. It's not always the best gauge of a person's overall vibe. Being in the restaurant business is a big investment, overhead, and long hours. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. But, yes, no matter what business you go into, restaurant or otherwise, some people are just overbearing, or completely uninterested. It can be frustrating, when you value service, and are loyal to it.

                                          That being said, however, I do frequent places that I would describe the help or owners there as not exactly too friendly. But, I do so, for places that I think have something unique that I can't get elsewhere. So, I haven't been to Espresso 77, so can't say if their coffee is worth the hassle if that's the case with the vibe there. Look at Cannelle, fabulous place, but less than pleasant people manning the counter there, but very nice owner.

                                          I think the owner of Espress actually reads the boards, because I believe there was a posting further up, I think it's julesnyc...
                                          and if that's the case, I've been on chowhound a very long time and read several posts from this user, and never found anything confrontational or rude. And, one certainly gets lots of vibes from chowhound posters.........so....maybe it's a misunderstanding of sorts...not sure what you mean by the "new mother" comment either, what does that have to do with being pushy and having an attitude? Guess you've never been a new mother, eh?

                                          Maybe the corporate places place greater emphasis on training their employees to smile and be nice, and not flinch when something is returned and do everything to accomodate the customer (Cheesecake Factory, and the like), but consistently produce mediocre food. Maybe the hard working restaurant
                                          owner and worker are looking for a little appreciation, show them some, and maybe the attitude you see will disappear. I bet it will.

                                          Anyway...look forward to trying this place when I'm around the area.

                                        2. re: jimbonyc

                                          I love Julie at E77 -- I have lived in JH on and off for 6+ years but didn't know her at all before she and her husband opened E77. She has been kind and helpful to the customers every time I have been there -- bringing drinks, soups & sandwiches to tables, clearing tables when people were done, letting customers know about new additions to the menu.

                                          You say you "love the fact that this is a small independent cafe" and then you insult the owner and say you don't go in if the owner's there. So your only suggestion is that the owner stay out of her cafe?

                                          Every pot has its top. brzzinyc posted above that this is the Cheers of JH and I saw that E77 recently put up a sign about manners comparing E77 to cheers. If you want to buy one cup of drip coffee and then sit for hours undisturbed with your cell phone, laptop, and empty cup spread out on your own table, then starbucks probably is the place for you. What I enjoy about E77 is the wonderful coffee, sandwiches, treats (though I usually end up buying Lety's pignoli cookies or almond sliver rugelach instead -- mouth watering as I type) and the vibe of a neighborhood place where I know the owners, and I always see a few friends when I stop in. I am conscious though that since this is a small business in a small space, that I have to share my table, buy something every so often if I am lingering and clean up my mess.

                                          1. re: amandaj

                                            I have been to E77 5-6 times and feel now I can express an opinion on the coffee. I have ordered Hot Choc, Cappucino, regular and decaf coffee. I find the HC usually a bit cold, could be warmer; regular coffee fine, cappucino "EH" depends on the barista, I have had one great one, one not so great. Decaf coffee was gross--really disappointed. The baked goods don't call to me visually-- I don't usually order, but I do like the ginger molasses cookie! I do however find Lety's, Cannelle and Starbucks to be A to A- range and I find E77 in the B range. I know Julie and Abzal are true entrepreneurs and will improve over time.

                                            1. re: masalamama

                                              I had to laugh when you said the decaf was "gross" I think it's usually gross no matter where you go, even when it tastes okay, it's just that lack of caffeine.

                                    2. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I love a good Hazelnut coffee. Could someone recommend a coffee of the same aroma/taste in Espresso 77?

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                                      1. re: sharonj

                                        I'd try Dunkin Donuts for this personally.

                                        1. re: sharonj

                                          Julie from espresso 77 here - we don't brew flavored coffees, but we do have hazelnut syrup that you can add to any beverage.