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Dec 2, 2007 07:50 AM

A Fisherman's Breakfast in Cape May?

Helo hounds,

My friends and I are headed to Cape May next week friday and would like a nice chow spot for breakfast before a fishing trip. The plan would be for a diner or the like, in the downtown area or near the harbor. We are staying at the "victorian" hotel.

We will stop at the Wawa for sandwiches, but would like a nice hot breakfast before shoving off.

The should be open early---like 5. Thanks!!!

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  1. check the Lobster House's coffee shop, they might be open.

    1. If you oversleep, walk from the Victorian to the beach and watch the sunrise from the window of Uncle Bill's Pancake house or the Greek restaurant across the street.I don't think either is open at 5, though.

      1. Right at the harbor area there is a breakfast place for waffles, etc but i can't think of the name, it always smells very good though. Coming from the WaWa it will be on your right side right before the right turn into the Lobster House

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          The place is Dock Mikes Pancake house which is a small Jersey Shore Chain. Its pretty much identical to Uncle Bills, as far as menu items, although we've always
          thought the pancakes and waffles were better at Dock Mikes.

          They open early, but I don't know about 5AM.

        2. Go to The Mad Batter and have the homemade french toast with almonds, the fruit bowl and their homefries with your morning java. Nice sun room in the back.

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          1. re: HillJ

            Thanks to all of you, We'll find a spot. Re the Mad Batter--it opens too late.

            First rule of a fishermans breakfast---don't eat it if you're not willing to throw it up.


            1. re: Peghead

              I didn't realize that peghead, thanks for the information.

          2. The Lobster House will not be open but next door (go past the LH turnoff) just on your left is Dock Mikes at the Marina. I can't guarantee they'll be open at 5 but they're probably your only chance, since so many of the charter fishing boats leave from there. There is another place right across the street from Dock Mikes that may be open. Other than those two places, you'll be out of luck, especially at this time of year.

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            1. re: Ellen

              Ellen, my dear. That is sound solid information. Thanks! The goal is the get a few bites before we shove off for fishing. Dock mikes sounds good.

              Are you aware if the WaWa there is open 24 hours? We will need a sandwhich too.

              1. re: Peghead

                The Wawa on Texas Ave. is open 24 hours. If Dock Mikes isn't open early enough you might want to look for a 24 hour diner to stop in at on your way in. Believe it or not -

                1. re: medford

                  And how cool is that!!! Diners are a fishemans best friend! Your kindness requires the following story; On our way back from a NJ shore trip this past summer we stopped at an all night diner around Pemberton. Fishing ended about 2 and we arrived about 3 at the place....with all the drunks, as it was a Saturday night. All was well and the chow acceptable. On our way out, standing by the cash register with the "not so shiny overnight lady" we heard a rucus in the back..."what's that exclaimed our coin changer?" when another patron replied "I think that couple from there are now trying out some new shagging moves in the mens room..." Upon which, we exited stage left to head home. Somtimes it's not just the chow.

              2. re: Ellen

                Fellow Hounds: The Captains Cove across from the Lobster House (on the main drag) was open at 6AM We had the normal diner fare with eggs, meat, coffee and the like. All was well, the food was good, kudos to the chef---hand cut home fries, done just right. All in good time with a smile. The got the order dead on with 9 people at the table.

                Fishing was tough, and cold. Chow on!