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Dec 2, 2007 07:24 AM


Any good authentic kolaches in Dallas preferably in the Uptown area?

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  1. none that I know of in Uptown. Items from Kolache Heaven in Frisco have been popular at my company's morning meetings.

    You can also find a discussion of the shops in West, TX, south of Dallas, here:

    Another reminder to indicate region/city on your subject line, in this case "[DFW] Kolaches". Readers from outside the Dallas area probably have little interest in reading this thread, yet would have to open the topic to discover such. It's a courtesy.

    1. Not uptown, but there is a place at Parker and Independence in Plano called Kolache Station. I haven't been there but irodguy may be able to comment.

      - A

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        Kolache Station does indeed have both fruit filled and sausage. When it's my turn for "the donut club" I mostly bring Kolaches. I normally wipe them out of poppy seed because 1) I love them 2) It's really handy to stop developers from leaving (can't pass the drug test :-))

      2. Hello txag! I must say that I am sort of a Kolache snob as I have grown up eating them my whole life. My grandmother and her sisters who came over "on the boat" as she always used to say baked them fresh for all family ocassions. Since their passings I have regreted not learning how to make them myself and have been in search of the perfect kolache. I live on the M streets and I am afraid an AUTHENTIC Kolache does not exist around these parts. If by authentic you mean fruit filled, not sausage. Those are klobasnikies. I found a place while on a road trip to College station and they are delish! Here is the good news for us dallasites. They will ship them anywhere in the US! It is called Zamykal Kolaches and there is a website that you can order from. I also thought it was really cool that there were all the oldies but goodies like apricot, poppy seed etc. but there are also tons of fab gourmet flavors that I have never seen before like pumpkin pecan, key lime, and the peanut butter chocolate is to die for! I hope this helps!

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          I recommended Zamykal Kolaches in the Austin board...since they have a board all their own and it is closer to them. I second the recommendation. The owner, Jody Powers, took over her grandmothers recipes and used to work in the DFW area as a multi family property manager until she got burned out. She takes great care in her baking at Zamykal. I would highly recommend (if you are into the meat koblasnikies) the sweet bacon. Czech Stop in West I believe ships them also but I prefer Geriks about a block away behind Czech Stop in West. For local Kolaches I would try Kolache Deopt in Highland Village. They have mostly fruit ones but several koblasnikies filled with various Syracuse brand suasages. My great aunt is in the process of "playing" with her recipes and will be teaching me soon so I will post back and let you know how that goes. My family is also from a long line of Czechs in West, Waco, Buckholts, and Cameron. Zamykal is by far the best for the fruit ones, but I like her sweet bacon also, Gerik's has the best koblasnikies, and the local ones suffice in a pinch. And I have not seen any Czechs, or Germans for that matter, hanging around Uptown and even more remote ones with old world bakeries.

          Geriks Ole Czech Smokehouse/Bakery - 254-826-3309

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            yum! I will try the sweet bacon. Sounds delish! I like the Jalepeno Cheese too.

        2. I've never understood how Dallas has no good Kolache shops. Seems like there is a Kolache Factory on every corner in Houston. Not many breakfast tacos either. Fuel City's are very good, but in Austin their are tacquerias over the place. And no one rolls them individually here, for easier distribution at the office and heat retention, except Taco Cabana (but have you seen the barbacoa, scary!). At least we have decent bagels.

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            I think it is because alot of Czechs settled down in central Texas in towns like Schulenburg, West, and Flatonia. Probably Caldwell since they have the annual Kolache Fest. Places like that used to be the only place to get them when I was a kid. Now you can get them in Dallas but they are not authentic like Grandma used to make. Most people up here don't really know what a real kolache is. They think klobasnikies (sauage ones) are what I am asking for. That is my guess anyway.

            1. re: Tbird1980

              Kolache Station (nw corner of Parker & Independence in Plano) has the fruit kolaches and the poppy seed ones, too. They also have the sausage klobasnikies, which we all call kolaches since we just don't know any better. But they eat real good.

              Kolache Station was here when I came to Plano in 1981.

              1. re: Miss Picky

                I will have to check it out. I have found many in this area are like little hockey pucks b/c they just can't seem to get the dough as soft and sweet as my Granmother's. And they usually don't use procipca (butchered that spelling i am sure) which is the crunchy sugary topping that goes on top. Also I have had alot of canned jelly-like filling that make me gag. Must be fresh fruit. I have been having them shipped in from Zamykal's in Calvert b/c of it. I am always willing to give a new place a try though! Thanks for the rec!

                1. re: Tbird1980

                  There's a new place up here in Denton that gets the dough really soft. It is right beside Candy Haven off I-35e. Now i can't say i know what an authentic kolache is, but all i know is that these things taste really good.

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                    I will check it out next time I am visiting my alma matre. So sad about Mr. Chopsticks and Fry street in general. Did they move or close down?

                    1. re: Tbird1980

                      Mr Chopsticks is now at 1633 Scripture Street and busy as ever.

                    2. re: iluvtennis

                      I will try it out this weekend and let you know how they are, being of Czech heritage. It is actually Kolache Haven and they are a part of Candy Haven. Our friends at the Denton RC provide the hard hitting story on this new place as well as the Metzlers on University has now finished renovation and is once again open. The Metzlers on Londonderry (best beer selection in Denton Co and best place to get items from Fischers and Bayern's both in Muenster, TX) is going to get an awning and a few tables outside to enjoy the open air eating.


                      Side Note: I already have a predisposition not to like Kolache Haven since one of my fellow alumns at UNT used the Candy Haven trick to land her a job fresh out of college at Sally Beauty Supply as a site locator....same job I interviewed for.....take a guess who landed the job.

                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                        The kolaches at Kolache Haven in Denton are pretty comparable to the ones in West and by far the best in the metroplex that I have had. Another added bonus a lot of the items Bayer's Kolonialwaren strudels are sold there (all flavors) and a good majority of the sausage/meat koblanikies used sausages from Fischer's in Muenster. They have about a three page list of flavors most of the usuals with or without cream cheese, a few tropical ones guava, mango, etc. The koblanikies were my favorites with the apple being a close second. They also use some Syracuse brand sausages on other koblanikies. I spoke briefly with the owner and he said they worked hard on getting the dough recipe just was sweet like the dough in West but a bit lighter...most of the time I like mine in between the dough from the kolaches shops in West and the ones I had at Kolaches Haven. I let mine sit out in the open air for several hours and they dried a bit and were a bit more my style. If you are in Denton definitely stop by and try them out also make sure you can find a Denton Connection magazine for a coupon. Hero Special for $22.50 which is 6 sausage & cheese, 6 mini mild sausage, 6 assorted fruit & cream cheese, and 6 cinnamon rolls. Can half that for $12.50. The owner also said they were releasing ads in the Clipper or AdPages. So for those of us who are in Denton Co we are in luck!!

            2. Don't forget Kolache Depot in Ennis, the closest Czech community to Dallas. They have two locations in Ennis and recently opened an outpost in Red Oak right off of 35.

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                I was going to suggest the Kolache Depot also. I lived near Red Oak for nearly a decade and was thrilled when they moved into the old TCBY space INSIDE the Exxon Station on the north bound side of I35 south of FM 664/Ovilla Rd. They are what you are looking for but I don't think they are as good as those in West, Tx.