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Dec 2, 2007 07:07 AM

Sides for Beef Bourguignon - Little Jfood Needs

So little jfood sprung a good one on jfood the other night.

"Dad, I invited 12 of my colleagues from work over for dinner next Tuesday and they want you Beef Bourguignon." Jfood's response, "That's fine but I have a client dinner, so it's you and your mom on duty."

So jfood just placed more Beef Bourguignon in the oven than he has ever seen after three hours of prep. Mrs. Jfood wonders over and says, "So what are we preparing for sides."

First idea was roasted potatoes (little jfood wants deperately). She's also decided on a salad with gorg, walnuts and pear with a balsamic vinaigrette. Dessert is a chocolate terrine (mrs jfood specialty) with creme anglais (jfood will make monday night and into the fridge).

Now the question is:

Anything else a 22-year old might pull off with reasonably skills in the kitchen for 13-people sides?


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  1. Maybe sauteed string beans (or French-cut string beans) with slivered almonds. Simple buttered noodles would be good too - to soak up all the delicious sauce from the beef bourguignon! Good luck to Little Jfood - let us know how it turns out! :)

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    1. re: Sra. Swanky

      I agree whole-heartedly with a sauce soaker-upper. If not buttered noodles, perhaps mashed potatoes?

      1. re: JoanN

        I have made both spaetzle and risotto as sides for Beef Bourguignon, but buttered noodles or roasted potatoes are more traditional. No-knead bread who be very nice, as this meal demands a crusty bread.

    2. I think she needs a green vegetable, jfood, and something simple, not too loaded, to balance the substantial beef, potatoes, terrine.

      Like Sra. S., I thought of string beans, or maybe minted peas.

      Broccoli florettes are a possibility I mention only reluctantly. Its strong flavor not at all my first choice with her menu, but not too much too pile on to the cook's workload.

      Or--asparagus spears, roasted simply with a little oil or butter, S&P, touch of sugar, and then garnished with grated orange peel.

      I like the mint in the peas or the orange peel with the asparagus to offer a little refreshing respite from a delicious but rich menu.

      1. I'd nix the potatoes with boeuf Buirguignon, and go for the more traditional buttered/parslied egg noodles, some super crusty bread, and a tossed green salad with from-scratch vinaigrette. Gorgonzola, walnuts, pears, and balsamic vinegar are too far out, in my opinion, to go with the entree. As for veggies, there are plenty of them in the Bourguignon. If noodles aren't agreeable, I've also been known to serve bulgur with Bourguignon, as well as Stroganoff.

        The best crusty bread I've found in years is Member's Mark (from Sam's) organic Tuscan pan brigio in their frozen food section. I'ts "heat and eat," but it is truly exceptional. Well, I have to confess... I tear off big chunks of crust and throw the bread away. '-)

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        1. re: Caroline1

          I agree with the noodles, and the idea of doing a simpler salad.

          1. re: MMRuth

            I agree with the noodles and simpler salad as well. Serve with a beautiful crusty bread.

            If you feel veggie deprived, try roasted beets. You can do red and gold for contrast if you want. Most everyone will eat them if presented beautifully. Serve warm with your walnuts and gorgonzola if you want. No one says it has the veggie has to be green.

            1. re: RGC1982

              Wholeheartedly agree buttered noodles. Seems more authentic. don't know why.

              Also, easier and do-able by little jfood. Salad is enough green-ness and no need to re-create the world beyond that already created by m/m jfoods. Especially after being "sprung" on.

              Wow...little jfoods sure made good choice of parents out of all the ones available.

        2. Perhaps polenta? Will pair nicely with a rich bourguignon.

          1. My SO and I made beef bourguignon for a dinner party a few weeks ago and decided to forgo the potatoes/noodles route and instead opted for warm crusty rolls (from Balthazar by way of Whole Foods) and slow roasted plum tomatoes. The tomatoes went over really well and turned out to be a very nice pairing - fresh tasting but not too heavy. It was also a nice complement because the tomatoes were a bit sweet so they helped to balance out the saltiness of the stew.