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$100 to burn!

Ok. So I came into a $100 dinner for 2 for any restaurant of my choosing. My BF and I will be going and have decided that Italian is out because we have chosen a nice place for our anniversary that will take care of that. So I am thinking it should be some place that we both haven't been, the $100 should include apps, entree and a bottle (we are willing to go over a little with our own cash), and we think we'd like to do a steakhouse (Keens is out - I have been), American, German, or something we might not think of. Also, I am into seafood (big time). Nothing too super fancy, as we will be going after work. Thanks!!!!

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  1. We'd be into Japanese as well. Japonais, or Blue Ribbon perhaps??

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      Blue Ribbon isn't anything special.

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        I disagree, as I think the atmosphere is warm and lively, the raw bar is excellent, and I crave the bone marrow.

    2. I suggest going to Pearl Oyster Bar. I took a friend of mine out for his 30th birthday and 1 app, 1 bottle of wine and 2 lobster rolls was around $100 (if I remember correctly). Not to mention it's casual, american, seafood and deeeeelicious!

      1. Sushi Yasuda. Deeefinitely Sushi Yasuda. You might go a bit over if you want a bottle of something though.

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          how could 2 people eat at Yasuda, even with no alcohol, for less than $100? or less than $200? if you like that bluefin toro, it's virtually impossible. well worth whatever price, but under $100 at Yasuda for 2? good luck...

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            frankbooth You know... I said the same thing
            When I read the original post I said. "Good luck" out loud, and smiled at the suggestions. Unfortunately, $100 is not a lot of money to cover the cost of 2 apps/entrees and an non alcoholic beverage, let alone a bottle of wine!.
            I think I'd take that cash, pick a nice BYOB neighborhood place and still have enough left over for a little breakfast 'the morning after the night before.' :-}

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              Oh yeah I did sort of forget it was 2 people... I kind of posted thinking one :)

        2. How about Brasserie - 100 E. 53rd Street. There are some reasonable wines on their list, so you shouldn't go too far over $100, if at all. The food is very good, by the way.

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            2 apps 2 entrees and a bottle of wine? Maybe if they order the least expensive menu items. Remember: The OP was thinking a steakhouse on the order of Keens.
            Good luck doing that on $100 bucks!

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              Appes are on average $13, Entrees are on average $28, that is JUST short of $100 with tips and tax, and we haven't even counted the bottle.

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                I don't know where the OP lives, but if she does a little looking around, I'm reasonably sure she can find restaurants that have apps for under $10 and chicken or pasta entrees under $20. It's the wine and her expressed desire for a steakhouse, (I'm assuming that means at least one of them wants steak) that will be the problem. And who wants to have to order based solely on price?

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                  No no no, my post was solely in response to Foodboy's suggestion of Brasserie. I calculated the average prices from Brasserie's menu

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                    Ahhhhh...The posting came in after mine. That's why I always address the poster. The site is a little flawed so you never can tell where your post is going to pop up :-}

            2. I agree with the sentiments above that $100 (or something around that number) for two appes, two entrees, a bottle of wine, plus tax and tips severely limits your options. The only one I can think of is Lupa. Last time I went with somebody else, and we ordered two of the cheapest appes, two of the cheapest entrees, had a cheap bottle of wine, and the bill including tips was still around $110. Of course, you said italian is out.

              1. How about lunch?
                It would be easier to stay within your means...

                1. Given the $100 budget, you might get more bang for your buck at an upscale vietnamese restaurant for example. I like Nam in Tribeca, OMai in Chelsea and Bao 111 in E. Village. All have stylish and modern decor, not too fancy as you specified. You could order an assortment of dishes to share, they have delicious grilled meats, lots of seafood options and yummy rolls and appetizers. And you should have money left over for wine or cocktails.

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                    Agree. Asian food is more realistic given the budget. I want to add Mai House. I think it's a decent choice. And if you order wisely, you can get two appes and entrees for $60, plus the cheapest bottle of wine $30, and everything including tax and tips would be about $110.

                  2. The only way to eat at a first-tier steakhouse for $100 is to share everything -- appetizer, steak, sides (meant to be shared anyway), and dessert. We did it at Keens recently, and our bill for Caesar salad, filet mignon, creamed spinach, and dessert (coffee cantata) + a glass of wine for Mr. R. (I don't drink) came to $95.25 before tax & tip. Since you've already been to Keens (our favorite steakhouse), you might want to give Wolfgang's a try. We did pretty much the same thing there not too long ago, and I thought the food was very good. The landmarked space on the corner of Park & 33rd with its gorgeous Gustavino ceiling has very pleasing ambiance.


                    For seafood, I recommend Tides, on the LES, in a teensy box of a space which, btw, also happens to have an amazing ceiling. The seafood served there is delicious, and you should be able to eat well for $100 or a little more.


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                      You are, as always, point on but I have a feeling the OP isn't going to be satisfied sharing the entire dinner and she mentions a bottle of wine, which probably means they are both planning on drinking. She would probably be better off dining at an Asian restaurant or a BYOB where she'll get better value for the cost. Since I have no such $100 limitation, I'm planning on trying your recc of Tides. Sounds lovely, Thank you

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                        Great suggestion -- you can go to the Kuma Inn on the LES, which is BYOB, and go all out for under $100 for two.

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                          Where is this place, please?

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                              For future reference:

                              Kuma Inn
                              113 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

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                            I think a steakhouse is actually the perfect place to share because portions, especially the steaks, are always huge and, as I mentioned, sides are meant to be shared. At Wolfgang's, we ordered onion rings and the portion was truly gargantuan -- enough for at least four people. So, without sharing, people usually end up leaving steakhouses either overly stuffed or with a doggie box in hand. (We took the leftover onion rings home, along with some steak, and had a great lunch the next day.) You are probably right about the bottle of wine, but bosun did say they'd be willing to drop some of their own cash.

                            Tides is the sweetest little restaurant. Wonderful food, friendly service, and a nifty-looking space. I look forward to hearing your opinion when you try it.

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                            How does Tides compare to other seafood restaurants with similar menus (Pearl's, Mary's Fishcamp, etc)?

                          3. Momofuku Ssam Bar. Forgo the traditional app, main, dessert structure and just order a bunch of plates to share. $100 should get you a great meal!

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                              FYI, Ssam Bar now has a tasting menu for $45 (and a more comprehensive one for $75). for the $45 menu, you can add wine pairings for $25 extra.

                            2. This is easy. Go to Prune. The food is excellent and it has a casual atmosphere. Or Mermaid Inn in the East Village, which is a great seafood spot with a cheap wine list. Look them up online and see what you like.

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                                Prune is a pretty good suggestion, but a bit over the OP's budget.

                                Appes $12-14 + Entrees $21-24 + $28 (cheapest bottle) = around $120 including tax and tips. As long as OP doesn't mind the extra $20, I wholeheartedly endorse Prune.

                              2. Thanks everyone for chiming in. I think we might go to Ditch Plains, Pearl's or anywhere I can get my hands on a lobster roll :)
                                We love to eat out, but we are on a very tight budget these days, so this $100 is a nice treat.
                                Thanks for all of your insight!