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Dec 2, 2007 05:55 AM

Bleeding Heart Bakery - yikes!

Yesterday, we checked out the Bleeding Heart Bakery's new location in Hamlin Park/Roscoe Village (it's in the space vacated by the Bulldog Bakery, which has since moved to Elston). We had very high hopes for this adorable storefront. We bought a loaf of bread, two muffins, and two croissants. We thought the purchase price of $29 was steep - and then we tasted the food.

The loaf of bread seemed stale - so dry, heavy, and hard that we abandoned trying to chew it and decided to use it as a weapon instead. The two muffins were the best items of the lot, by far, but they were just adequate (and the "tea cake" muffin had a strange chemical-ish aftertaste). The two croissants were practically inedible - so dry that we worried they'd burst into flames if we rubbed them together.

We had such high hopes for this bakery - we really wanted to love it. Unfortunately, we can't recommend it.

Bleeding Heart Bakery
1955 W. Belmont Ave.

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        1. I've always liked their cookies and scones but haven't had their breads, or been to the new location.

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            $29 for that!! Ridiculous. And I thought Whole Foods bakery was high.

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              I've never bought their bread (although I have tried a flatbread of theirs come to think of it, and wasn't very impressed). I don't come there for muffins or bread, but I really love their Take a Hike Scone. It's the one item that I splurge the money on, since they are definitely expensive. I guess you have to be being the first organic certified bakery... but next time, try their Take a Hike Scone. It might be a matter of taste (I love earthy grains and texture, also don't enjoy overly sweet items), but I really enjoy it. The times I have tried their muffins, only the chocolate stout muffin really stood out. The rest were just alright. But the stout used in the muffin really gave it an element of flavor that I haven't found in most muffins. Good stuff... anyway, sorry you had a bad experience!

          2. Wow, a little harsh, don't you think? Bleeding Heart did my wedding cake ++AWESOME++ and when we heard about the move we were really upset, now they would be so far away, but as we found out, it is well worth the trip. We saw an old post and thought the opening was this weekend, so we went. Unfortunatly the opeing was last weekend, but they were still open, so no real problem there (just not as many free samples). I have to say, the place is way different, brighter, neater, more welcoming. So, now onto the food. Super delicious, as always. We both had the take a hike scones, I had to try the Elvis cake (ate some there, took the way was that going to waste, it is made with bacon!) Then we bought a sweet potato sourdough bread to take home for dinner. The bread was fresh, dense and sour, just perfect. I just can't see the problem here.