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Dec 2, 2007 05:52 AM

Chowhound: bandwidth behemoth or CHOW BB? [Moved from Florida board]


This site is bogged down to the max! I recently refreshed the FLA board and waited a full 5 minutes for the screen to display! This is unacceptable for what is supposed to be a simple bulletin board about chow...

We were promised there would be limited changes and few ads when cnet took the reigns at chowhound, now they are loading video ads prior to displaying the text? It's preposterous! Who has the time to wait around for 5 minutes for a screen to display? I can download a song faster than it takes your screens to load for Pete's sake!

I cannot be the only one out there that has noticed this, am I?


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  1. It took more than 15 minutes to reload the SF Bay Area board for the first time after I cleared my cache. And, I have nearly all the graphic feeds turned off, including and

    Every other page on other sites, including my flickr page that is loaded with images, came up much more quickly.

    1. I'm dragging on this end, too, even after clearing the cache, rebooting, etc.

      1. I have not noticed any long load times. However, the site has been down a couple of times. Maybe it is your connection? Maybe it is cache related as mentioned above.

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        1. re: frankiii

          I should mention I am running Safari 3 with Mac OS 10.4.2

          1. re: frankiii

            No. It is not cache related. It is video related. I have dial-up, IE Explorer 7 on a pc.

            I don't have major problems with pages without videos on them. I can get into "My Chow' and Places easily.

            It is a problem that comes and goes and seems to be related to new upgrades of the software. For the past week it has been horrid. Over the weekend things have improved so that there is not the 10 - 15 or more minute page load. Right now it is 30 - 60 seconds at most. Not great but the way I read Chowhound, bearable. There is not a change I've made on my pc in the last two weeks. No cleared cache. No changed settings. I would highly doubt this is something on my end because as the OP mentioned, this is the only site where this happens and only on pages with videos. I don't have this problem with utube though it is only about videos.

          2. I haven't seen any delays in a long time. Running Firefox with noscript and adblock plus.

            1. Wow, I thought this post got axed!

              Is there a text only option?