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Putting milk/cream into soda?

I saw someone add a coffee creamer to their glass of coke the other day and I was slightly taken aback. Has anyone ever tried or seen this before? I can't seem to comprehend what it would taste like. I think I'll eventually try it (I'm not a big fan of soda..) but for now, I'm curious as to what is so special about it and what it tastes like?

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  1. Just imagine a coke float or a root beer float where you don't actually eat the ice cream but just let it melt and drink it up. The soda gets a nice foam at the top (like you would with a NY egg cream- an underrated beverage) and sometimes you can taste a nice creaminess. I find cream to be too rich and sometimes drink those Laverne and Shirley Pepsi and milk. Just remember to add the dairy first and then the soda or else it gets all weird and coagulated.

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      When I was a kid I often drank milk and Pepsi due to Laverne's love for the combination. My mother was horrified, until she tried it. It is surpisingly good.

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        Ha! So did I. I haven't tried that in years, but then I haven't had Pepsi in years.

    2. It's good... tastes like your favorite soda, just creamier. There's a Japanese/Italian place close to my residence that has Milky Pepsi on the menu, which is half and half milk and Pepsi, served over ice with (if my memory serves me correctly) the milk floating on top of the Pepsi.

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        The addition of milk or cream was very popular during the days of soda fountains in the 50's and 60's. In the New York Metropolitan area there used to be a small soda company named No Cal, which offered Coffee and Chocolate sodas which were very popular, especially in Country Clubs. Dairy was added to these sodas always, sometimes to Coca Cola or Pepsi as well.

        More recently, at my Country Club, a favorite middle round drink at the Halfway House is to combine either Chocolate Cow or Yoo-Hoo chocolate drinks with a Cream or Vanilla soda to make an Egg Cream of sorts.

      2. Yep, those are tasty. Also,try this concoction- a glass of ice, half OJ and half club soda, add a little bit of cream or half and half, and vanilla syrup, if you have it. Very delicious!

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          Oooo! I can see myself slurping that down all the time -- like a creamsicle!

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            almost like the original Orange Julius

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              I thought about Orange Julius too. On the few occasions I find myself in a mall, I want an OJ, even though they're outrageously expensive. Last night, after reading this thread, I immediately poured myself the oj and seltzer over ice, topped with cream, as everyone else in the house eyed my creation without comment. I slurped it down heartily (WOW-- refreshing and delicious, I like how the cream softens each sip) and finally my mom said. "Hmm. That looks interesting. What IS that???"

              I used heavy cream which I usually don't have around but I'm so glad I had it last night. WOW. I don't drink alcohol, so I'm always on the lookout for festive non-alc drinks. Thanks for the ideas :)

        2. Sounds like an egg cream to me. Milk, seltzer, chocolate syrup.

          1. The dairy/soda concept is seen in egg creams, ice cream sodas. Personally, I think it's just not right -- however, I know a lot of people who love it.

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              Miss Needle, please explain "Personally, I think it's just not right."

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                It's sort of like going to Wendy's and wondering why your friends dip their fries in the Frosty... it can be difficult for some to even consider combining the two, never mind how much other people may go loony for the combination.

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                  I feel that there is such a dichotomy between the creaminess of dairy and the light, exuberant effervescence of soda.There is no harmony. Sometimes you can get two disparate ingredients and create harmony and it works, but not in this case (IMO). As sick as some people may think it is, I actually can see going to Wendy's and dipping fries in the Frosty as I used to dip my McDonald's fries in my milkshake when I was younger.

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                    Thank you for explaining! Your comment about the textural difference between the creaminess and the bubbles is interesting.

            2. I haven't had a cream soda in a while, but we used to put a little milk in it- only in cream soda, though, with no ice. I guess it was sort of like a vanilla egg cream.

              1. Ice cold Pepsi or Coke with some REAL milk... Delish.

                1. so is this drink referred to as egg cream?

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                    When I was a kid we'd get milk-pop at my grandparents house. I used to love it then. I tried it again about five years ago and it was gross!

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                      The drink of milk, seltzer water, and chocolate syrup is an egg cream. Purists generally insist on U-Bet Chocolate Syrup, which is quite difficult to find outside of New York.

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                        U-bet is pretty readily available in the Boston area- especially in Brookline, at The Butcherie.

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                          The beauty of theinternet. U-Bet on line.


                          It took a long time to get used to the squeeze bottle though. Jfood grew up with the pump.

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                          We called it "soda milk". That's how we got most of our calcium growing up!

                        3. I recently discovered this myself, at a truck stop where they have those gargantuan soft drink cups next to the coffee creamer dispenser. On a whim I added some coffee cream to my root beer, and discovered how good it was. Now I always do that. As someone above described it, it's like a root beer float, just without the solid scoop of ice cream.

                          1. Hmmmm, if the kind folks at Thai restaurants can add sweetened cream to iced tea, why can we not add milk to soda? heh heh...

                            I like Digkv's description and have been inspired to try this out. Also, I IMMEDIATELY thought of Laverne & Shirley just on reading the title alone (it was Laverne, not Shirley who drank the Milk n' Pepsi concoction)

                            1. Yogurt and seltzer is delicious and refreshing

                              1. i will get silly sodas at the coffee shop chains sometimes. these are soda with some syrup and half and half. really good and refreshing. dont know why they call them silly sodas but they do taste good.

                                1. It's good. Just like an ice cream soda but without the fat or calories of ice cream.

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                                    When I was in high school, I had a friend who used to add milk to cream soda. I never liked cream soda, and his addition didn't make it any better.

                                  2. I like Italian sodas with cream in them. When our local coffee shop opened, I went in and ordered one with cream, and the lady looked at me like I was from outer space. I think we're lucky there's a place in town that even has Italian sodas, and I put my own cream in them. As near as I can tell I'm the only person in town who does it.

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                                      In the late 60s, when I was growing up, my mom ran a coffeehouse in Boston that served the old-school basic set of Italian sodas, such as one would find in the Italian cafes in the North End - cherry, raspberry, granata (grenadine/pomegranate) mint, tamarind, and my favorite, orzata (almond).

                                      The raspberry and almond sodas were offered plain or with a splash of cream, though the others were always served plain. (Hm - now that I think of it, the mint would probably also have been nice with a little cream!)

                                      When there was a resurgence of coffee shops all over Boston in the early 90s, many of them offered Italian sodas made with the wider range of syrups used for making flavored coffees, and like you I found that servers looked at me funny if I requested a little cream in my soda (never mind the looks I got for ordering almond...) A few coffee shops did offer "French sodas," which were Italian sodas with cream - for a quarter more!

                                      Nowadays I just get my Italian sodas plain and doctor them to my own taste at the coffee "condiment bar." And since I laid in a supply of Italian syrups at home, I just make my own, with or without cream added.

                                    2. I think I'm going to try this. But I just wanted to ask a few last questions... when using milk, does it has to be a 1:1 even ratio or else it will coagulate?? That seems like a lot of milk to go with the soda. What if I'm using cream? can I use less cream, more soda? and is it the same ratio for all types? (light, clear sodas vs dark caramelized sodas)

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                                        This is one of those times where your own taste buds are going to know best. Start with 2 to 1 pepsi to milk and go from there. And yes, use way less cream than you would milk, otherwise you'll end up with a hideously rich drink.

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                                          I agree with JK, it really is up to your eye and tastebuds but a one to one ratio is way too much. Also remember that there shouldn't be ice in the drink at all thus you must throw everything (glass, milk, pepsi) in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes before you make the drink: that way it's ice cold.

                                        2. when I was doing Atkin's, a diet root beer with some heavy cream was a real treat! Just like a root beer float

                                          a friend does the Pepsi & cream thing, it tastes okay but I'm still a but put off by the idea.

                                          1. I worked at a coffee shope when I was 17 and we had Italian sodas. They were concocted of Sprite (or Sierra Mist) mixed with your choice of flavor. Raspberry and Strawberry were the most popular, topped with a splash of cream. Delicious, and very popular.

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                                              Blackberry's my favorite, but my local coffee shop doesn't have any blackberry syrup. They keep saying they're going to get some, but they haven't yet.

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                                                You should buy them a bottle for Christmas! With your name on it, of course.

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                                                    If they don't have it in your local stores, you can get it on line.


                                                    (Sorry I had raspberry on my mind from making cookies today!)

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                                                      Smart & Final always has some of them at a very good price. The one on Scottsdale and (I think) Thunderbird carries the entire line. The Costco Business Center on west Indian School right off Grand has a bunch of them too.

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                                                        Very interesting. What city are these streets in? I'm in northwestern Iowa.

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                                                          Aie, I forgot I wasn't on the local board... this is in Phoenix. If one of your local Costcos is a Business Center model, you're golden.

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                                                            No Costcos around here, either. (Actually, I'm at least 75 miles from a city big enough to have a warehouse store of any kind.)

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                                                              Amazon carries a couple of brands too, and I tend to prefer the Monin brand myself. Good luck!

                                              2. Strong sweetened espresso (room temperture) then ice and seltzer or espresso ice cubes ,plain or anisette sugar 1/2 &1/2 blend add seltzer omit anisette sugar add extracts hazelnut,vanilla,orange etc or syrups chocolate I some time add marchino cherries with the syrup and blend add the cream iced its heaven and the seltzer gives it the zing and makes it a soda

                                                1. okay prepare to be grossed out...
                                                  When I go to certain Vietnamese restaurants there is this drink on the menu, an egg, sweetened condesed milk topped with club soda. I have on occassion dispensed with the egg and made the same thing at home with just the canned milk and soda.

                                                  1. When I was growing up my mom always had diet coke in the house for herself. We weren't usually allowed to drink soda but a "treat" would be a glass of half diet coke, half skim milk and she called it a "brown cow". I thought it was tasty back then!