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Dec 1, 2007 10:26 PM

Pre-cooked Turkeys

I'm sure there are OLD threads on this, but I'm sick of reading post that start out from 2003. Time for fresh blood. No pun intended - see below.

Over the years, my family has supplemented our holiday buffets with pre-cooked turkeys from Vons, Albertson's, Bristol Farms RHE, and Ralphs. This Thanksgiving while in NYC, my daughter decided she wanted her 'Mommy' to cook instead of heading to see friends on Long Island. I purchased a pre-cooked organic turkey from Whole Foods across the street from her apartment on Union Square. After reheating it for one hour in a Reynolds cooking bag. (I sauteed aromatics, added a stick of butter and 3 cups of stock with the turkey breast side down - to soak up the extra goodness.) When I started to carve the turkey, it was still running blood and tough as shoe leather. Not only did this turkey ruin my Thanksgiving, it was expensive!!!

I am hosting Christmas Eve buffet for approximately 45 friends and family members here in LA. I need suggestions for the best pre-cooked turkey in LA to make up for my dismal bird from "Whole Paychex", in NYC. I would love to find a Cajun fried turkey similar to those sold at Popeye's in Harlem. Yeah, I know turkey is easy to make, but I would rather concentrate my efforts on traditional Italian and Filipino dishes.

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  1. I saw that a Popeyes I was at before Thanksgiving was selling a fried turkey with the fixins for $39.95. I wished I had done it. Start Calling!

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      Which location BB? I go to the Harbor City store for my red beans and rice fix.

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        I wa out in the Ontario are and was thirsty, grabbed a soda at the drive thru and saw the poster. I asked the girl about it and she said it was a complete meal. That's is all I know, I do not know what street I was on or anything else. Here, I saved you the trouble!

    2. Gelson's does a pretty good turkey. Also HoneyBaked Ham does pre-cooked turkeys-- you could also get a ham there.

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        I've bought the Gelson's pre-cooked turkey for the last couple of years now, and have not had a bad bird yet. However, I do use a thermometer probe just to make sure it gets to the right temperature when I reheat it in the oven which takes a couple of hours. Not cheap - it's like $4.50 per pound. Overall, the white meat is fairly moist and the dark meat is cooked all the way through.

      2. We got the Diestel pre-cooked from Whole Foods. Our instructions were to reheat, and specifically not to use a cooking bag, for 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours to 165 deg. interior temp. Our bird turned out fine -despite my father's carving skills. Hmmm....curious if the bag cooking method was your downfall, tho given the dismal outcome of your TG dinner, I'm with you in looking for alternatives.

        1. Bad luck on your part. But those are the chances you take in purchasing a so-called 'pre-cooked' turkey from any retail grocery chain I don't care which one or how expensive the turkey is. And you're right, cooking a turkey isn't difficult. It's making all the sides that go with it and having it all come together at the same time. You say you want suggestions for a pre-cooked turkey but then you say something about concentrating efforts on traditional Italian and Filipino dishes. What's that about? Would that mean forgoing the turkey, and so you wouldn't really need our suggestions? Hard fact is...if you want to insure a turkey that is fully it yourself. Many hot sides can be made in advance and reheated in the oven while the turkey is 'resting' before carving.

          1. Tasty Q BBQ will Deep fry a Bird you bring in for $2.50 a pound They prep the bird, season, marinade

            Tasty Q Bar-B-Que
            2959 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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              You still need to re-heat the Tasty Q Bird, I picked mine up the day before thanksgiving, it reheated fine.