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Fig and Nut cake? [Moved from Spain/Portugal board]

A friend asked me to query this board about a fig and nut cake she had when in Barcelona.

I'm not clear as to whether this was a patty of fig paste and ground nuts or a pastry with figs and nuts.

Can anyone help identify this, or share a recipe? I'm sorry I don't have a clearer description.

Mil Gracias

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  1. i googled spanish fig and nut cake and found these sites, one of em may be of use. fig or date and almond cakes are very tradition spanish fare. i imagine there are regional variations, but i'll elave that part of the searhc to you.

    these sites sell the cakes




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      the recipe and photo did the trick. Thanks!

      also found this recipe from the CIA:

    2. Hi - We've moved this thread from the Spain/Portugal board, which is focused on where to find great chow in those countries. Please post any further recipes on the Home Cooking board.


      1. They sell a pretty decent fig and nut cake at Fairway, close to the cheese section (at 74th street and Broadway. It is beatiful served with cheeses from the same region.

        1. Stop & Shop also sells a good one imported from Spain for around $5-$6 that I have bought in the past.

          1. You can buy different-sized pieces at Whole Foods, but be sure to "squeeze" them slightly to find the fresher ones. Sometimes you'll get a piece that's dry and hard as a rock.

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              I can confirm that it is at Whole Foods - and it is addicting. Carneros Winery was serving it with some cheese pairing - and we got deluged with request for it.

            2. I'm pretty sure I've seen a compressed fig and nut disc or "cake" in Trader Joe's in the nuts and dried fruits section. Haven't tried it though.

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                They had it at Balducci's today, along with an apricot almond cake of the same type, (just apricots and almonds) but HOLY COW the prices at Balducci's will kill ya.

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                  I received one from TJ's last year as a gift, and it was fresh and had good flavor. I'd recommend it.