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Dec 1, 2007 07:41 PM

Stuffed Pizza vs Lampost Pizza in Whittier

Ok, maybe it's just me.....but I think pizza should have melty, gooey cheese with a lot of sauce and a crust less than an inch thick. I LOVE the way that Lampost makes their pizza. The cheese is gooey, the sauce doesn't taste like preggo sauce.....and the crust is just thick enough and crunchy.

I was shocked with Stuffed pizza, since they always seem soo busy and popular. I tried it, and I was not impressed. The crust is too thick, the sauce lacks flavor....but they try to compensate by adding too much of what tastes like oregano....and the cheese is just as bland, well, what little cheese is put on. If you like all bread with a little bit of sauce and some non melty cheese...then you'll love Stuffed Pizza. Not to mention, their prices are higher than Lampost. =( I should have just stuck to Lampost.

Does anyone agree or have a different opinion?

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  1. I grew up on Lampost pizza so I've got a definite bias. I think in my years of living
    in Whittier, I only made it to Stuffed once--and have only a hazy memory.
    Even though Lampost's old proprietor Frank is now retired--and one could
    argue the quality of the sauce has suffered--Lampost pizza is still where I
    want to order from when I visit the folks.

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      Aww, I do miss the days when Frank owned Lampost, but the new owners are still making the best pizza in Whittier!

    2. Stuft pizza takes forever....me and a couple of friends have gone recently only to wait 1hr and a half for the pizza and another 40 mins for the tab........I enjoy it, especially after waiting for the pizza for 1hr+. Where is Lampost located?

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        It's on Greenleaf right after Mar Vista.

      2. Is "Stuffed Pizza" similar to or related to Stuft Pizza?