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Dec 1, 2007 07:38 PM

Morton's or Ruths Chris...or something else

I have a birthday dinner coming up and I've recently been craving a good steak. I live in Loudoun County, so I don't want to venture too far. I'm thinking anywhere in Loudoun or we could do Reston or Fairfax. I know there's a Morton's in Reston and a Ruth Chris in Fair Lakes, so between those 2, what would you pick? If anyone has another option, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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  1. What about Ray's the Steaks in Arlington? ...may be quite a drive though

    1. I think if your decision comes down between Morton's and Ruth's Chris only, you will be pleased with either choice. Both restaurants are very good. I have eaten in no less than 10 of each of their locations around the country. I have never been disappointed with either.

      I suggest you look up their respective menus on their websites and see if there is something that catches your eye more. The glaring difference is the extremely hot plates and butter which is served at RC, which can be omitted(the butter).

      If you like Steak Au Poivre, Morton's offers it, RC does not. If you like Rib Eye Steaks, both offer it, but RC serves it with the bone-in Cowboy style and a larger steak in size as well......this is true at least the last time I ate in either one in the past year.

      1. Is Flemmings too far out? I know Ray's is not near the vicinity you asked for. I have eaten at the Ruth Chris out there for an wedding rehearsal and it was very nice. Between the two eating at the non-Fair Lakes locations I think I would pick Ruth Chris. It just is a little less pricey for about the same quality.

        1. how about the Palm in Tysons?

          1. Interesting responses. I am not a champion of Morton's, Ruth's Chris (excepting the original New Orleans location), Outback's Fleming's and believe that Ray's ambience is not appropriate for a special occasion. Having said all this I would go to the Capital Grille at Tyson's Corner. It's worth the drive to Tyson's for this. The Palm in Tyson's would be a good alternative, also.