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Dec 1, 2007 07:12 PM

Old Town Tavern - Boca Raton

Recently ate at Old Town Tavern with a group of 12. The restaurant was very accommodating and really nicely decorated. The downstairs has a ski resort/northern feel and the upstairs has televisions and some private rooms. We were seated in the private room upstairs. The waiter was very attentive with drinks, apps, and the main course. They are known for their meats - excellent cuts of filet, ny strip, and prime rib. I enjoyed the double pork chop with apple chutney and steak fries. The salads were great too. Really enjoyed this restaurant and would go back again. Also - there is only valet parking, which is free.

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  1. thanks for the review. where is it and what is the price point?

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      I don't know the price point but it's off of Dixie, just north of Palmetto Park Rd. It's a brand new stand alone building.

      I'd like to try it one of these days.

    2. I have eaten at Old Town Tavern three times....the first was excellent; the second was so-so and the third has convinced me that the restaurant is going downhill and needs to revisit alot of things. When I made the reservation I was told the earliest availability was 8:30. When I got there at that time, the restaurant was nearly empty. The first three menu items I attempted to order, they were out of. This is a "steak/meat" place and they had no prime rib, cap steak (their specialty) or pork chops!! The waiter did nothing to accommodate the lack of menu items other than to suggest they were changing the menu next week. We ordered a bottle of wine - guess what - they were out of that. Second choice came and other than opening the bottle and pouring the first glass, he never came back to pour again. Presentation of the food was boring. The house salad had giant chunks of vegetables and house dressing tasted exactly like Emerils vinegrette. No one came by to see how we were doing. Never saw any management. Very disappointing for that caliber of establishment.

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        couldn't be more correct..what could they have been is really an awful place to waste your time and your money..taste buds,forget it,service..nonexistent

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          What a shame. They built this beautiful building and it's all for naught.

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            > ... it's all for naught.

            I disagree. Once these guys close, the next restaurant there will not have to spend all their money on the building, and can focus on the menu and service.

            I ate their today. Food was average in quality, but overpriced for this level of quality. In six months I'll try again, whomever is there.

      2. i've been there once, and my shrimp cocktail was overcooked and my filet mignon was sub-par. it's a shame they built a beautiful building for such a crappy restaurant. i would never consider revisiting.

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        1. re: miamimike

          Went last night despite the above reviews because friends wanted to meet there. I was not expecting much, but boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Beautiful place, EXCELLENT food enjoyed by all 8 of us! Food wasn't cheap, but it is typical of the area and the quality we received. All of us look forward to going back and enjoying a delicious meal.

          1. re: beadergirl

            Went there last night i agree with you food was top notch and service to match, who would have thought, my wife had a burger and I had a prime rib eye I could not decide witch was better....This is a must try....

          2. My wife and I went just this past week and arrived just before opening time but they seated us as we said to the attendant that by the time we were finished with a starter drink it would be time to order (they agreed and complied). All was ok until the waiter arrived to take our order. Well almost ok. The music in the background was from a local radio station (including commentary and commercials). First time in a restaurant we tend to order conservatively (if I like the place then the next time I'll try the more upscale/expensive items). They could not comply with my wife's request for a "black and blue" or Pittsburgh preparation of the listed burger. Rather than rare, the burger arrived raw, raw, raw - not so good for a start. I chose the skirt steak and it arrived unsliced rather than the diagonally sliced presentation I would have expected. Chewy doesn't really describe it. BTW the music didn't change as one would hope for in a real restaurant and instead degraded to rap music - not my choice for dinner music.
            Not a good choice for pleasant dining and I am not inclined to return. They offered much more expensive menu choices but considering my experience it would be a waste of good money and the time best spent looking for a better restaurant.

            1. I had the WORST corn beef and cabage there St Patty's day. The corn beef was like rubber...terribly undercooked. The service at the bar was hit and miss. This is my third time since they opened, now my last. It has gone from OK to the pits

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                Been back there over the past few months and it's been fine. Last weekend, had the worst meal, served cold and we waited forever to be served. They seemed extremely understaffed and no one knew where our food was or how long it would take. Sorry to say it, but this place is a sinking ship!

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                  I don't think I've ever seen reviews that swing so wildly from one extreme to the other on a thread. There's too many negatives on this place.