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Dec 1, 2007 06:27 PM

Orris Report w/ Pics

Pretty pictures are here:

Orris blends among the stretch of restaurants and shops on Sawtelle, so it doesn't particularly stand out when you drive by. Being on Sawtelle, the atmosphere is pretty low key and quiet (even though Jonathan Gold called the atmosphere "fancy" I don't really agree), so I was pleasantly surprised with all the delicious food that welcomed me inside.

Orris specializes in "little dishes" representing "world cuisine" created by Shiro of South Pasadena. Each dish has a recommended wine pairing, though we did not try any this time around.

First up was the Smoked Salmon Croquette. Very good, though I would have liked a bit more salmon.
Followed by the lobster spring roll. Also good (but I prefer my lobster grilled and drizzled with lemon and a bit of garlic butter.


Next was sliced beet topped with Etorki cheese. This was excellent! The combination was perfect and it was my first time having this outstanding cheese. Loved it!

Also, tomato burrata. Yum. We had to order another one of these. It's a small dish, just one piece per order.

We also had dungeness crab and cucumber salad. The ingredients used were very good, although a different sauce may be better. The sauce they used was a bit bland IMO.

Next was the lamb loin carpaccio and the ahi sashimi with onion relish. Both were excellent dishes! The lamb carpaccio was topped with Spanish Manchego cheese which made a perfect combination.

After all this excellent dishes though, the final was indisputably the highlight of my meal ...

Seared Foie Gras with Eggplant, w/ Sweet Soy Wasabi Sauce.
Oh my god ... just thinking back about it now >_<
I can still remember the taste on my tongue, the texture ... OMG! The eggplant and the foie gras made an unexpectedly excellent combination, and the sauce! This was definitely one of the best foie gras dishes I've had!

I could not find this on the menu on their website, it might have been a special ... oh no ... the thought of not being able to eat it ever again!! I'm getting depressed ... I will look back on this photo and sigh when I'm old ...

Well, to not think about the depressing stuff right now, I will show you the dessert! We had the only dessert they had left: the flourless chocolate souffle. I must say this was a very very good dessert, but I don't quite see why they called it a "souffle." It was good though :

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  1. Thank you for a well documented report. Orris s one of my fave l.a. restaurants - i honestly enjoy all of their dishes and the desserts are fantastic - I have heard that the exec chef was adominantly studying under W. Pucks pastry master. The apple strudel (not sure if they still make it) was uncanny !!!!!

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    1. Orris has a nice website, and their winter menu looks yummy. But alas, one of my pet peeves -- no prices listed. What do some of the dishes cost? For example, the oft-praised grilled romaine, the lamb carpaccio, or the crab cakes...or for any or all of the items reviewed above.

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      1. re: nosh

        Most items range from $7-$12, with a few that are a few dollars more and one or two a few less (not including desserts, which are all less). I cannot recall ever seeing anything (other than bottles of wine) that cracked the $18 barrier.

        1. re: New Trial

          i think the foie gras might have cracked that barrier ... but it was foie gras! hehe
          otherwise, yes, i'd say around $12

          but I'm glad to hear the foie gras often appears! :D
          now when I feel down I can just go to Orris heheh ;)

      2. Despair not! The foie gras with eggplant is a frequent guest on the list of daily specials.

        1. Don't forget desert! They have some yummy ones

          1. The beets are some of my favorites. I definitely want to head back sometime soon.