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Dec 1, 2007 06:25 PM

Jackie's Galaxie Bristol RI

Will be in the area next week, meeting a couple of people. Looking for something decent, anyone been there?


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  1. just had dinner there the other night.we started with hot and sour soup that was pretty good,not the greatest but good,and a real good miso up was a seaweed salad that was really good,and the classic nime chow that are pretty much always good.then we got the shrimp and veggy tempora that was amazing crispy on the outside and juicy perfect on the inside,not greazy at all,awesome!ok ,then we shared a bunch of different styles of sushi ,that were all really good.the last thing we got was the pad thai ,which was really good that night.weve been going to jackies ,at least once a month,since we moved up this way,sometimes more,and its always been at least good everytime.every once and a while its been really really good.ive had the best pad thai that ive every had here,and ive had some just average pad thai here,but its never been bad,which is a good thing.all in all,i dont think you can really go wrong with what you order there,the staff is really nice,have a great time! oh, by the way ,theres a lot of other really good places the eat in bristol too.dont be shy !!!

    1. I second the nime chow recommendation. I also went recently and had good mu shu pork, gyoza and a Vietnamese beef dish. The only thing I've had there that I didn't like was shrimp shui mai, which seemed way too salty to me (and I like salt!).

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        Didn't get there. I was in Bristol for a meeting, but stayed in Seekonk. Ended up eating at TGIF as I was staying right next dorr at the new BW.

        Also Found out my niece works at Jackie's, but didn't want to go and give a great review then say that as it would seem pushing it.

        However, TGIF's was fine for the people I was with - my niece's mother and sister. For me just a burger and salad. Did try the dumplings, and fried grenn beans, both were fine.
        I haven't eaten at a TGIF's in about 10 years, and since it was more about getting together and talking, it was fine.

        Next time I'm down will do the meet at Jackie's though.

        Bristol has come a long way in eating places, one of my favorites is Redlefsens, but it has been a few years since I've eaten there.

        Thanks for the feedback though.