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Best Nim Chow in Providence?

Where would you suggest we get our Nim Chow in Providence or nearby?


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  1. jackies galaxy on resevoir ave in cranston.

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      1. re: Big Fat Moe

        Kind of a spring roll. Eaten soft and cold w/ a dipping sauce, not fried.

    1. HON'S (House of Noodles) also on Resevoir Ave has a nice Nime Chao.

      1. Jackie's Galaxy are fairly good... I like Sawaddee's on Hope St myself...

        - Garris

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          Sawadees? Haven't heard of it, where is it?

          1. re: Garris

            Found the address and their website. I never noticed it despite driving by frequently!
            What else would you recommend on their menu, any personal favorites? Might get more than just the nim chow!

            1. re: madgee

              Almost everything is good... I'm a fan particularly of the Lab Chicken, Ka Nom Jean. Pad Thai is average, though (Siam Square rules locally in that department).

              - Garris

          2. It's been 10 years since I lived in the area, and time admittedly has a funny way of softening the critic in me, but whenever I'm nearby, I make it a point to grab nime chow from Apsara in South Providence.

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              there was a place in an old mill in fall river by sams bakery that had nime chow the size of your arm!!!!they were like 2 for a dollar,and rediculously great,a shrimp in every bite!God,those really were the days....its all about the sauce.....

              1. re: im hungry

                I think that would be Apsara. Good eats!

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                  The last time I went to the Apsara location on Quequechan St. It was gone! This was about 6 months ago. Where is it located now?

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                  I second Apsara in Fall River. Awesome food all around.

                  1. re: marachino

                    Hands down... Apsara is great! I have only been to the one on the East side, but the sauce was amazing with the Nim Chow!

              2. Pho Horn's... although it's called under the vietnamnese name. I want to say it's buon cuon...? but not positive.

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                  Hong Meas makes a great Nime Chow. They're right over the bridge on Warren Ave in East Providence (corner of Broadway).

                2. Don't bother going anywhere other than Apsara. You will never find better Nim Chow then there. I promise!!!

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                      The original Apsara is in South Providence and the "new" one is on Hope St. I have never been to the one in Fall Riv(iera). The Nime Chow at both Providence locations are freshly made and the wrappings are always smooth and delicious.

                      1. re: creamy

                        I don't like the chicken Nime Chow at Apsara [on Hope]. The chicken is not very good.

                        1. re: malyna

                          nime chow is not supposed to have chicken damnit! it's supposed to just be shrimp and pork for the proteins.. ggrrrr to apsara on hope st

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                            I eat regularly at Apsara on Hope Street - in fact, ate there for lunch today. Their nim chow has shrimp only. No pork (good for us Jews!) and definitely no chicken. Not sure what you were served instead?

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                              yeah i never heard of nime chow with pork in it,yet chicken,weird!ive only had it with shrimp in there,and even then its more about the noodles and sprouts and thai basil.And the sauce is big part of it .

                              1. re: im hungry

                                I've solved the mystery! I was looking in my take-out menu for Apsara on Public Street, and they offer Nim Chow (shrimp only) OR chicken nim chow.

                                As far as I know, Apsara Palace on Hope St. only serves nim chow with shrimp. At least, whenever I have ordered it, that is how it has been served.

                  1. I like Lemongrass which I believe is in Warwick. It's not crazy fancy but they're food is good and really reasonably priced. I always get an order of nim chow and some soup and it costs probably $5.

                    1. Pho Horn's in the old Shaw's Plaza on North Main, but it's called Goi Cuon on the menu, I believe.

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                        I like Pho Horn's as well. They do a lot of things well, but I lean towards the chicken and pork dishes as the beef dishes tend to be fatty cuts.

                      2. Apsara Palace on Hope Street or Lily Garden on Route 44 in Greenville. I've ordered nim chow from Jackie's Galaxie and it was HORRIBLE; I threw it away.

                        1. Pho Horn's Goi Con Cai (vegetarian fresh roll) are incredibly fresh, soft and delicious and the dipping sauce is so good I could eat it with a spoon.

                          1. The restaurant mentioned earlier in the mill located in Fall River which was formerly named New Phnom Phen has moved and is now Asian Platter on County Street in Somerset, MA. Their Nim Chow is awesome... The only downside to this place is cash only. On the upside, however it is BYOB (one of the few around here).

                            Asian Platter
                            1212 County St, Somerset, MA 02726

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                              Are you saying that Apsara in Fall River is closed? I looked at some reviews for Asian Platter and they go back to 2009. I've been to Apsara since then.

                              The menu does look very similar, though.

                              Apsara Restaurant
                              418 Quequechan St Unit 8, Fall River, MA 02723

                              1. re: Dinsdale45

                                I walked in there on Sunday - it wasn't closed, but I didn't see any people, just someone peeking out of the window in the kitchen.... no customers, no waiters, no one on the floor.... maybe there was a dining room I couldn't see (upstairs?).... the menu looked good, and they make the banh mi (sp?) that are sold at the market next door, which are pretty good (for pre made) - I should have just asked someone in the market, but didn't - so please do tell me - is it good, is it open?

                                1. re: harryharry

                                  Actually, that's usually the way it looks when I've gone in. I don't think they have "waiters", per se, just whatever family member happens to be available that day. Once I think I was waited on by a 14 year old boy. Because of the total lack of dining ambience, I think most people get takeout. I've only seen people eating there once or twice. The food really is good, though. I'll stack it up to anything I've had in Lowell, with a huge Cambodian population.

                                  1. re: Dinsdale45

                                    That's great to know - Thanks

                                    Any recommendations?

                                    1. re: harryharry

                                      Loat noodle (silver pin noodles) dishes are always good, as is spicy lemongrass chicken and beef with ginger.

                              2. re: mmooreair

                                FYI, I just tried to go to Asian Platter, and they are closed for good.

                                Meanwhile, I just picked up food at Apsara and it's as great as always.

                                Asian Platter
                                1212 County St, Somerset, MA 02726

                                Apsara Restaurant
                                716 Public St, Providence, RI 02907

                              3. hands down: FOUR SEASONS on elmwood ave/reservoir ave
                                best nime chow ever and you can taste the fresh clean taste in every bite and the peanut oil with the cushed peanuts, is amazing and freshing chopped.

                                1. The best in my opinion would be Asian Bakery on Broad St in Providence. They put a leave of basil and mint in, lettuce is fresh, not too much noodles, bean sprouts, and shrimp. I think that separates them from the rest. If you want the best sauce then try the Asian Palace on north Main St in Providence. It has a tamarind flavor.