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Big Daddy's BBQ MSP-still available?

I was just wondering if anyone knows if Big Daddy's BBQ is still available on Saturdays, or if the operation has shut down until better weather arrives.

Thank you.

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  1. I wasn't in the area yesterday, but last weekend they were available - just selling inside.

    1. Drove by his place on Dale and University during the snowstorm on Saturday. The smokers were fired up in the parking lot.

      1. Finally made it out to try Big Daddy's BBQ...and I have to say I was very pleased. We got a half order of the pork ribs and a half order of the beef ribs and it was at least 4 lbs of food (3 lbs of it beef ribs, by the way). The pork ribs were definitely the best I've had in MSP. Thanks fellow Chowhounders, for all of your fine tips.

        1. I'm on their mailing list, and they sent a message that they will be closed on Sat. Feb 2nd, but will be open again on February 9th.

          1. Not only is Big D's open on Saturdays, now it's also open on Fridays (as I sit here at work, eating the most delicious ribs I've found in the TC's).

            Just like my Saint Louis-style (which is close to Memphis-style) I grew up with, even down to the two pieces of white sandwich bread!

            This is the down-home stuff transplants here are looking for. Not Ruldoph's (sp?). Not Lee's & Dee's - MUCH better than Lee's & Dee's.

            Fabulous. I'm very very happy.

            1. kentucky transplant just starting to explore the MSP food scene and have to say i'm very pleased. yesterday i popped over to big daddy's for the first time based on everyone's enthusiastic recommendations. parked in the back, and a fine gentleman manning the smoker and tossing on tons of chickens directed me to the back entrance. everyone was SO friendly, and i could tell by smell alone that it was the real deal. i've eaten at famous dave's in west virginia, and i can tell you that whatever it is they put out is laughable compared to what big daddy produces.

              i got a half order of the flintstone ribs and a half chicken. i just got around to eating some of the beef ribs today for dinner, along with some great produce i snagged at the minneapolis farmers market. i've attached a picture.

              i'm just overwhelmed by how good this food was. the beef was succulent, juicy, and so flavorful that i had to set my fork down for a minute after my first bite and call some friends. big daddy is the freakin' king. i still have 2/3 of my ribs left, and half a chicken! madness. i'll be eating it for a week.

              this is the best barbecue i've ever eaten.

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                I live right by this place (and on my way to Ngon Bistro on Saturday for lunch) it was smoking outside and smelling wonderful on the street. Can you tell me exactly all what they sell or approx price? Beef ribs? pork ribs? obviously you mentioned chicken...do they have sides? Or is it just meat?

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                    Huh! I never knew big daddy had a website! He's getting so commercial! ;-).


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                    i spent around 25 dollars for half a rack of flintstone beef ribs and half a chicken. so far i've only eaten maybe 1/3 of the beef ribs, and i plan on eating the chicken today for dinner. i'll squeeze four meals out of it easily, and i kid you not, it's the best barbecue i've ever eaten (and i wouldn't say i'm altogether inexperienced with that)

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                      Thanks for the info and the website connection! We live so close to this place and just haven't gotten around to it. I plan to get chowhubs the pork ribs on Saturday for lunch. Will report back........

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                        I arrived Sat on 11AM on the dot. Front door was closed so I went around back where the smoker grills were. Kind pit masters smiled and said - come on in through the back. Already two people waiting in chairs --- cashier girl said that they were still getting everywhere together.

                        Ordered a full rack of pork ribs for chowhubby. $18.35 or something like that - with two little plastic sides with lids of bbq sauce.

                        Short drive home made my car smell WONDERFUL.

                        Chowhubby dug right in - devouring half the rack in less than 10 minutes i swear. He concluded that they had a lot of charry smoke flavor - which is absent in other rib joints we've eaten at - however, he did comment that while they were appropriately cooked and ribs were plenty meaty-he was disappointed that they didn't have more of a solid dry rub on them. He claimed they were kind of "bland" - and would've preferred a solid dry rub eaten alone over a blandish rib doused in sauce. He said the sauce on the ribs were decent.

                        I think this is a personal preference and not a reflection on Big Daddy's ribs themselves. For the imported chips or whatever they use - fast, friendly and highly meaty ribs (and you can get bread if you want - 2 slices of basic plain white or wheat bread in a sandwich baggy), $18.35 is a pretty darn good deal - and supporting local business.

                1. Is Big Daddy's still open? A friend is going to be in MSP in a couple of weeks, and I'd like him to try something different from his usual Famous Dave's.

                  How about Hickory Hut?

                  Is one preferable over the other to someone who loves Famous Dave's?

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                      Hickory Hut is a bit more of a dive (AFA d├ęcor). So from the perspective of a Famous Dave's fan, friend probably will feel more at home at Big Daddy's.

                      My personal preference is Hickory Hut -- the menu offers some more options than Big Daddy's seems to and I've been a fan of the Hut for years. It's good stuff -- though not the best 'que in town, IMHO.

                      For that I take someone to Lee & Dee's over on Selby & Victoria. Or, for a different experience, Pastor Hamilton's over on East 7th...

                      1. re: steve_in_stpaul

                        My one and only visit to Pastor Hamilton's was fantastic, and the pastor himself came by and had a conversation with us.

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                        I love Big Daddy's, but the choices are a bit limited and there is only a little counter space for eating in. If you can get beef ribs, do that. That is still the single best item I've had there.

                        For me, Q Fanatic is the best option, but that's a heck of a drive for anyone not in the W/NW burbs.

                        1. re: BigE

                          Thanks to you and steve_in_stpaul for the info, and also to getgot211 for the working website address. I forwarded the info to my friend (along with some other MSP recs). Hopefully he'll forsake Famous Dave's so I can live vicariously through his eating!